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problems after dental

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Hi all. I'm new here and am having some concerns about my cat, Peanut. He has tested positive for FIV/FLV. I've had him for about three years and he has been doing fine. No idea on the age as he is a stray. I took him in August 1 for a dental. He had been having problems with drooling and bad breath and he was in dire need of a cleaning. Now several weeks later and he is still not acting right. I had him neutered when I first got him and his recovery time from that surgury was very lengthy, too. Since his dental his walk has been unsteady and he falls sometimes when trying to jump up. He's eating but doesn't drink water. He has stopped bathing. When he eats he mashes his face in the food and sort of slurps it up. At first he wasn't using his tongue to eat but now is using it a bit. Lays around with his head down all the time. The vet says to keep watching him but I'm concerned. Any suggestions?
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Personally, I woudl either be taking him down there for a checkup or finding a new vet. I have had dentals done on a few oldies, and the most they have had is being dopey the same night, nothing more. This isnt normal. Good luck, I hope they find out what is wrong with him.
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It's been a month and he's still having problems? Definately take him to another vet for an opinion since this does not sound right.
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If it were me, I would recommend running some bloodwork if they haven't already and see what is going on. If your vet is not willing to do it then I think it is time to find a new vet. Having FIV/FELV does compromise the imune system and will make them recover slower but the fact that it is now a month later and he is still having trouble makes me a little concerned. Did they give fluids while he was under??? Start with bloodwork or a new vet and see what they say. In the meantime I will keep good thoughts coming your way!!!!
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