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R.I.P Little Baby Kitten

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This is a tribute to a kitten I never met or even saw. I just know the few small details I was told. I have no idea what he or she looks like all I know is that some heartless person left it in a cage outside the back of our shelter. It must have been in bad shape, or very young because with in a matter of a few short hours it's spirt had left it's little body & terrible life behind. Someday as I cross the bridge to get my kitties I know I'll recognize it & I will care for it & give it the love it neve knew here on earth.

R.I.P. sweet little one until we meet over the bridge
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I am sorry for this sad loss, for your loss, for it is your loss too.

Rest in Peace little baby kitten, no one is abandoned or unloved at the bridge.
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It is so sad that there are so many unloved, uncared for kitties! Rest in peace, little one. You will find lots of TCSer's over the bridge to show you a very different life!
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Godspeed over RB, little one, and enjoy all the licks, purrs and snuggles that you will be given in that happy land over RB...
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RIP sweet little baby ....
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The poor baby The little one will be safely over at the bridge now with all the older TCS kitties to mother it

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awwww sweet darling, how heartbreaking.

run free sweetheart... you were too good for this world
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RIP precious little one.
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Oh how i wish that this type of event was rare. This time of year it is almost an every day event to find a box of kittens outside the shelter.
Why oh why are people so heartless & cowardly.

God speed over the bridge precious little one.
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