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My kitten must be normal!!

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There is a standard rule that must be followed in our house; nothing is allowed to be on any shelf, any table, any counter, etc.; nay, everything must be on the floor. If we put any kind of anything on any of the aforementioned, Persi will soon put them on the floor where they belong. So, I was talking this over with my wife yesterday and she suggested that we no longer bother putting things on a table, just throw everything on the floor since that is where it will be anyway. So we have decided to adopt a new way of living around here. Here is an example: When I finish this message, I need to pay a bill by check. I will get the checkbook out of the drawer, write the check, put the checkbook back into the drawer, but rather than putting the pen on the desk, I will simply throw it onto the floor. This way of living is pretty cool when you think about it. When you read the paper and finish it, toss it on the floor rather than put it on the coffee table. It's going to be there eventually anyway, so why not eliminate a step? Well, I will tell you why; because he is having so much fun putting everything on the floor I will continue to carefully place things where they belong. Oh, I am so sorry, I mean where things used to belong, they now have their place on the floor. The only problem with this new way of living is that certain things, like cell phones, suffer when they go from table to hardwood floors. And things like cell phones are exactly the things I am talking about, primary attractions and fun to pop off onto the floor. All three of my former cats were adults when I acquired them. This is a new experience for me, I just have to learn the ground rules, pun intended.
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Oh yes I remember the kitten days. Silly human don't you know your house is not your own anymore, you have no say over where anything belongs. My cats are all adults & knock things on the floor every once in a while just to remind me who is really in change (here's a hint, it's not me! )
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We are getting there with five kittens between ten and thirten weeks. This makes me remember the last time I had the house full of kittens - There was three planned ones and two accidents. Their father was (is) a huge cat. Standing on his hindlegs he put his paws om my hips (I am 1,60 m high). The kittens took after his size and their favorite hobby was climbing the curtains. We stopped having curtains since they were taird to pieces or riped down on the floor. Their other hobby was to climb the bookshells and if they got bored, they just sat there looking at us pushing book after book on the floor - as if to get a reaction from us. My ex-husband was convinced that the author of "Gremlings" must have written the book surounded by teenage cats.
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