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Krazy and Greycat

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We got Krazy from the animal shelter in 1982. We did not know how old she was but she lived with us until she died in 1997. She was not declawed so in her old age she had a horrible time walking on the shag carpet without getting stuck. Greycat showed up on our doorstep in 1985. I started feeding her and after a long battle with Krazy, the established cat, they became best of friends. One week after Krazy died, Greycat died. You hear about this happening with married people all the time, in fact it happened to my grandparents. But I am always going to wonder if Greycat died in mourning for Krazy. Yes of course Greycat was old but I still suspect this is what happened.
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Oh my goodness how sad that is in losing two babies so close together like that But their with each other again over at the bridge and they'll both be there to meet you when the time is right
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I'm sorry that you lost them both, but I hope it comforts you to know that they are together waiting for you when the time comes to met them.
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