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Daily Thread 8.21.06

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Good Morning all!

Just another Monday morning here. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning at all! But I guess thats every day

Went and watched the fireworks downtown last night, they were really good, I love watching them!

I hope this week goes by fast.... me & my boss SHOULD find out this week if we'll be able to open our own shop, so lots of vibes that it goes thru!

I think my Mom & brothers might be coming for a visit this weekend, my dad is going to be away, so I thought it would be fun to bring them here.

Hope you all have a great week!
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Well I had a busy weekend. I went saturday shopping for a coworkers baby shower. I spent way too much. But I got her a bunch of too cute stuff. The shower was very lavish. It looked like a wedding reception to me! Beautiful though! That started at five and I finally left at 8. She said it wasn't over until 9:30!!

Sunday we went to Callaway Gardens to ride bikes again. 9.5 miles. It was so much fun. I really love it there. It is truly beautiful. There are so many flowers! I can't wait until next Spring when everything starts blooming. Its going to be even better to ride there then!

Today is back to the daily grind. I am about 1/2 way through the mound of paper work on my desk!
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Ox woke me up at 1:19 as he wants to go outside (he doesn't use litterbox like a normal cat but is trained like a dog instead!!) Then got back to bed-eyes started itching bad!!! Took an antihistamie and acold washcloth for my eyes and proceeded to stay awake until about 3:30!!!
Got up 6:30, another load of laundry, went through some shoes and costume jewelry and have a goodwill pile. Washed more pots. Have to do some housecleaning, painting and work on landscape design for a client. And make beef stroganoff for supper!!!
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Today ive been really busy
I made some appointments by phone this morning,
I then went and got my papers done for my apartment, wow was that alot and it took soo long, i am so stuffed!
Now i am just relaxing with a cuppa tea

Good luck with your mums shop!! *sending heaps of good vibes*
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Ugh, Monday!
The weekend went WAY too fast- although our slumber party was a great success. I want more saturday!
Today I went and picked up the new keys, as our apartment building gets new locks today. Finally. My mom took me to lunch, which was nice, and then I came to work. Work is pretty dead- this week and next week are the deadest weeks of every year- and I only work until 4:45 which is nice for me but not nice for my paycheck.
I read 5 books this weekend because we just got library cards on Saturday. Of course now I'm out of books and need to go back!
I haven't thought what to make for dinner yet. I haven't actually been hungry in weeks. I think I'll need to see a doctor soon. Things.. aren't... regular. *cough* Now, they never are, but it's gotten moreso than usual. Gettin' worried.
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