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Litterbox problem --walking over urination

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My cat has always used a litterbox, and is an indoor-only cat. His litterbox is a covered type that has one entrance/exit hole. It's actually just a housing that sits over a litter pan, not one of those domed-top litter boxes.

The problem is that the cat likes to urinate in the front of the litter box, near the entrance/exit opening. He chooses to defecate in the rear portion of the box. He has also never buried his business after going. So much for that myth that all cats bury their waste!

So the problem is this: He'll go into the box, and do whatever he has to do. But since he urinates near the entrance/exit, he's constantly walking right back over it on his way out. Consequently, he's constantly getting caked clumping litter trapped in his paws. You can then hear him with the dried litter caked in his paws as he walks around. And, of course, he'll eventually pick at it with his teeth when it gets too annoying. I don't want him eating urine-soaked litter after cleaning it out of his paws.

Are there any thoughts on how we can avoid this short of just opening up the litter box so there's no housing on top (so he can enter/exit it from either side)? Right now, the box is placed perpendicularly to the wall, so there would still only be one end to enter/exit from if I kept it in that orientation. I would make it parallel to the wall if I took the housing off.

The housing was just an effort to keep him from getting litter all over the place after moseying about in the box.

Thanks for any help.

(Edit: Here's the litter box housing: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Produc...&N=2002+113307)
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I think your issue might be helped if you were to get a nice big open litterpan. I was using a huge pan but switched to a smaller one because the large one used so much litter ($$$). I must say, he kicks out a lot more litter in the smaller pan and it is more of mess to clean up.

I just don't think you can go wrong with an extra large deep pan. It would give him plenty of room to do his potty.
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