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Butterflies in my belly!

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Okay guys, i cant keep it any longer.

On saturday I saw a lovely apartment here in frankfurt, small, but big enough for me and the kits.
Today I just need to get some papers done, and send them to her by fax then post to speed up contract.
She reserved the apartment for me, she seemed to like me very much, and I really hope I get it!!

I also have a list of people to call to get a job, and right now i cant bring my self to it! WHy???!! arg!

I'm not ranting i just feel like my head is going in circles!
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Take a deep breath Fran! I hope you get the apartment though because it'll be a fresh start for you and the kitts
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Hope you get the apartment and find a job

~sending fran some kick in the bum to get on the phone and call potential employer vibes~
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Ooh, good luck on that!

And you don't want to take care of anything because it's Monday. Logical excuse, lol.
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You can do it Fran......just try to calm down............and let us know how it turns out!!
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How exciting!! I really hope you get the apartment! Then if and when Lee gets the job with Gambro and I fly into Frankfurt to visit him I can meet you!! It will all work out for you! Now get off your hiney and call those potential employers!
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Good luck Fran!! I hope all works out with the apartment and the job hunt. I'll keep sending good luck vibes for ya.
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Good luck - sending good 'get it together' vibes.
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You CAN do it, Fran! Sending lots of vibes. Good luck!
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WEll i had to get all the important documents done today for the apartment, i am home finally at 5 pm with all of it done and i just send it to her by Fax, and tomorrow in the mail!
I really hope i get this appartment, she is suprised i got everything done so quick!

Now i just have to take care of the job
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Make a To Do list and prioritize what needs to be done!!
Have apt. Now must find job......
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Yep, Later I am leaving my telephone number at a near by restaurant so I have a side job,
tomorrow morning I have a list to call people for job,
Wednesday I have to go and get my working permit and tax card
and just look for more jobs If I havent found one tomorrow!

I cant believe how plans can just break apart so easily, i planned to move to america for a job, or to italy, and now im staying here!
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Good Luck, I hope you get the apartment and find a job!!!!
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Good Luck!!! I'm job hunting too ! I'm sending you lots of ---find a good job vibes---
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