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Hi, i actually did my first post in the strays section (in the recent blind kitten thread), but i found my way here finally My name's Emma, i actually skipped in here from google, but it looks like a very helpful place to join. Atm we have two kitties, we aren't breeders or run a refuge for kitties but Jasmine and Charlie are both from the RSPCA. Jasmine is a 1.5yr old Calico, she was one of the lucky kittens not to have been surrendered. Charlie is a 7yr old pure white domestic, he had a previous own before us and was given up when he was very tiny. He has a thing about sudden movement and loud noises, which none of our other cats seemed to have a problem with. The only other animal i've had in my life was a rabbit, everyone else were cats, and i loved every single one of them.

Is that a good intro?
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That's a perfect intro! I'm Nikki! Welcome to TCS!!! . If there's anything you need help or advice with, please feel free to pm me. Have a lovely morning!
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Hi Emma !! Welcome to you, Jasmine and Charlie !!! Great intro ....
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Hello Emma,

Welcome! I'm relatively new as well. I'm sure you'll find TCS as informative and friendly as I have.
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Hi Emma welcome to TCS!

Enjoy your stay!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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That's a great intro! Thanks for signing up to talk to us ! Jasmine and Charley are lucky that your came to their rescue. They sound very cute.

I'm one of the Mentors here on the site and I'm here to help you find your way around. Let me know if you need help with anything !
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Great intro! Welcome to the site, Emma
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