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Cat is still missing after 1 week

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We got a call from someone about the cat (I posted about this in my "cat is making huge progress" thread). The person said they saw him Wed.-Thursday about 10 blocks from my house. He has crossed major roads I never thought he would. I have put up/handed out about 200 posters.

I am so worried about him. He got out and just disappeared so quickly. Something must have spooked him. I never thought he would go in the total opposite direction of our house. I spoke with some people in the neighbourhood who know the cat and said he was homeless in our area for about 1 year. I don't know why he went in the direction he did. Nevertheless I am still looking for him.

I am so worried about him
post #2 of 27 will give you some ideas
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sending you lots of good }}}vibes{{{ writergirl.
i do hope your cat comes home soon

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thanks you two. it's so sad because he finally got a home and now he's missing again. i tried to get him back in the house but he got spooked and took off. i feel so badly that he's gone missing.

i've put up about 150 posters (in vets offices too) all around. and i've just put him up on 4 different websites and i drive around looking for him during the day and at night. i am so worried about him.
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Sending lots of come home safe vibes your way
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Couple things:

First off, even if he knew you really well (I don't know his story) if he is spooked outside he probably won't respond to his name even if it is you calling it.

He may very well be coming back at night while you are asleep. If he is a scardy, then he will never come back during the day. Since you are not up and outside all through the night things are not looking good.

Borrow or purchase a trap from a local feed store or from a vet clinic or animal shelter. Leave it out a few nights by your house with some relaly stinky wet cat food in it. Or tuna. See if you can trap him. Just FYI though you may catch other neighborhood cats too, but just let them go or whatever you want to do with them.

If he is as skiddish as you make it sound, he will not respond to you by name. He will not come up to you probably either. He will ignore you during the day when there are noises all over the place.
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I am probably the last one to be giving advice, since I managed to lose a cat the first day we got him and have been trying tog et him back one way or the other ever maybe my mistakes will help you.

Are you sure that the cat that was seen was your cat, or coul;d it have been someone elses?

Have you been putting food out? In my case that was excellent advice, our cat was hiding neabry and now at least he shows up every eveneing at 8PM on the dot for his food.

Do you live in a rural or suburban area? Are there lots of palces to hide, are there other animals, pets or wild , that might get trapped or eat food?

Good vibes to you that you get your kitty back safely!
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Thanks a lot for your ideas. He is out day and night. When we first trapped him with the havahart we got him at night but I'd seen him many times in the day. So I go out day and night looking for him.

I can set the trap again. I've tried it twice. I guess I am a bit nervous about trapping a huge raccoon like last time. There are lots of them out tonight. But I still think it's worth it to try it.

I don't know for sure that the woman saw my cat. But she did say he was earless and my cat is earless and it sounds likely that it was him. But what we did tonight was cover more ground even areas we think it isn't likely but put up posters anyway because you never know.

I'm just going to keep going out looking for him.
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Well all I can tell you is what seems to have helped for me and Brady. He got out the first day I got him (posted on a couple other threads here). We kept putting out food in the same place and now we after 2 weeks of him being gone we have a routine. As of now he will come and eat his food at precisely 8:15 and doesn't mind me being on the deck.
We have the trap, but the little guy is wary and smart so I am going both routes.
If you cat has been spotted, I would say to put food where he is likely to get it, rattle the food bag, and try to put out food that will not appeal to skunks or coons. Dry cat food has a lot of corn in it which is why I think skunks like it.
But again, I am probably the last person to be giving advice here! FWIW you do have my moral support!!
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Which food does not appeal to raccoons or skunk? I put out dry cat food but a raccoon ended up eating it all. I saw him eating it and just let him have the food because they have to eat too. Then he washed his feet in the water dish and dried them on the little blanket I left out. It was pretty funny.

The problem I am having is that I am sick so I can't go out looking for him nearly as much as I want to. And I am not going to be getting better any time soon. I feel bady I can't go out and look for him more.

Anyway, I don't know where exactly to put the food out. He was (possibly) spotted over a week ago numerous blocks away from me. I haven't seen him at all there when I've gone out looking. I haven't seen many animals at all when I go out looking I don't know why.
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The best luck I had was with canned beef-not dry at all.

I am sorry to hear that you are sick----if you know who spotted him and where maybe you could let that person have a dish and some cat food and ask them to leave it out for a few hours each night? Or even a bunch of people in the block to see which food gets eaten? I do not know what else to tell you.

But don't feel bad about not being able to look for him, he would probably hide from you anyway.
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I am still trying to find my cat. I've got my whole family out looking for him when I'm feeling too unwell to go.

I have had conflicting reports on his sightings and I've checked out every place he's been possibly spotted but haven't seen a glimpse of him yet. I really love that cat I'm still so upset he's missing.
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I went out looking for him with my mom until 3 am today. We saw a whole bunch of other cats but not my cat. I saw 3 other cats eating from a dumpster so I came back and fed them kibble. I thought maybe my cat might be hanging out there but I have been back there 3 days in a row now and I haven't seen him.

I am going to put up more posters of him but I gotta say I'm starting to get discouraged. I don't have any other ideas.
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Don't get too discouraged. I had a cat missing for over a month, then he came strolling up like he had never left.
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It could be that your missing guy has found another kind soul to help him out. Cats are very resourceful that way. If he was spooked, he might have crossed so many busy streets that now he's unable to make his way back. I admire all your efforts, and I am sure that the other kitties appreciated the kibble. There is so much need and want out there
Please don't give up hope yet - I've seen some pretty amazing "TCS Board Magic" miracles
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Thanks you guys. I'm not giving up. I'm going to set up a few feeding stations and keep looking for him. I'm gonna keep feeding those homeless kitties. I've been out of town for a few days and have to get back to feeding them tomorrow.

take care. thanks for the encouragement.
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I'm so upset about the cat. I still can't find him. It makes me so sad thinking about him out there cold, hungry and lonely. Does anyone have any other ideas for me? Do you think the feedings stations are a good idea? Where do I set them up?

Should this thread be moved to the Cat SOS forum?

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My cat has run away too and I miss him a lot. My husband and I found him the other night hanging out in a neighbors driveway. After an hour feeding him turkey, he got close enough so we could grab him. We brought him home and he somehow got out the very next day. He does not seem to want to live with us anymore. I am torn up inside about it, but don't know what I can do. Out neighbors even called us and said they had been taking care of him and that he was sleeping at their house. He has a tag and collar on, but still no sign of him since he escaped. Cats have a mind of their own. I just keep hoping one day I will come home and he will be there. I wish the same for your cat.
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I'm sorry to hear your cat is missing too! I really miss mine too

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My cat is still missing
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My mom is very certain she saw our cat on our street again so we left out some food at the corner like we used to and are going to set the havahart trap tomorrow. I'm going to keep checking on the food. I hope it's him that would be the best news!
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Perhaps he feels the autumn is here, and he remembers there IS a good and safe place to return to, and now he chooses to do it.

Lets hope for the best!
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Thanks StephanZ I hope you're right
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We haven't seen him since that day. I don't know what's happened to him
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Oh no, This is just awful...I'm sending lots of come home vibes.
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sending {{{come home prayers and vibes}}}out to your cat, and {{{prayers and vibes}}} that you get better and stay that way
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Thanks you guys. I'm going to put up more posters and I'll keep looking for him.
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