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Grape Pie?

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Is this something that people would eat? I've been batting this idea around for a little while, and I can't quite understand it. The recipe calls for red grapes, and some red wine. Now these are two things that I understand and have cooked with in the past, but never in a pie. Would you eat it if I made it?

I swear this is the last thread I start today.
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I most certainly would. A friend of mine does a to-die-for concord grape pie. I have not succeeded in prying loose a recipe. I don't think anyone has.
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I saw a food network show once that had grape pie...I don't really like grapes, but I imagine if you did, it would be good!
Heck, it's pie: it can't be bad!
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i want i want i want

hehe, i had never seen a grape pie before, but a friend;s mother back when i was in school used to send them home with her every weekend.

They where great So yes people will eat them
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With exception of fresh berries in season, red grapes are my very favorite food! I would absolutely enjoy your pie! In fact, hope you'll share the recipe with us! Better yet, I may need to taste it to be completely convinced, shall I send you my address?
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I think it sounds yummy.
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I would definitely try it
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Send some to me and I'll eat it for sure!
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It sounds like it would be delicious !!
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yeah i think it would taste yum
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Hmmm I've never heard of it! it has a crust and everything? I love grape flavor so I sure would try a piece!
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I would have to try it thats for sure!
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It sounds awesome!

It is weird though, isn't it...almost every other fruit we make pie out of, but generally not grapes. I wonder why not?
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I will eat your grape pie if you will eat some of mom's rhubarb pie!
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Save some of that rhubarb pie for me!
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you can mail me some rhubarb or grap pies or better yet both
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Me too!
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I keep coming back to this, I just can't get your grape pie out of my head! Hope you'll share the recipe!
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Oh sure... I get most of my recipes on line. It's not going to be original, but it should be good.
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