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Uggg Ants!!!

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My worst fears have been realized. We have a major ant problem! Our next door neighbors decided to move out with out notice and our landlord hasn't cleaned out their apartment yet, so the bugs that were feasting on their food have moved over to ours. Can someone help me find a kitty safe way of getting rid of these things?
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Gosh, I wish. Is it very, very bad?

Usually I just try to keep everything in sealed containers and hope for the best.
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Other then keeping them out of cat food I probably can't help We have had them real bad to, I put the cats food dish in another dish with water in it I have never had a problem keeping them out of cat food by doing that.
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my parents just told me our sidewalk was infested with flying ants.. they killed them, thank goodness. all of them. I would hate to have come across them or my dogs being attacked by them.
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We had a little crack that the little black ants came marching through: best bet is to find the point of ingress/egress and then put the little "traps" there--the kind that have poison food in them that the ants bring back to the colony. They don't emit anything toxic so they're safe for kitties but just keep an eye on them to make sure kitties aren't moving them/playing with them: cause then the ants will just keep coming!
Call your landlord and tell them THEY should bring the ant-killing supplies since it's their fault they're in your apt. in the first place!
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