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Motherlovin' kittens on a motherlovin' flight of stairs

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The professional stair-player, Godiva, shows them how to get crazy on the stairs.

They greet and decide on the some ground rules for playing on the motherlovin' stairs.

Don't you threaten me!!

Dont YOU threaten ME!!

Bring it ON!

Sophia wins!
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too cute those furry little fluff balls ....
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BTW, that thread title was my lame attempt at a joke, spoofing the "Snakes on a Plane" movie. I know, it was bad.... I'm not good at jokes.
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I thought it was funny!
I'm currently in the process of trying to talk my husband into getting another kitty...I'll PM you tomorrow if I can break his spirit! I have my ways
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Hmmm... that would be awesome! I'm crossing my fingers... There's only three that I know who they are going to... so you have a pic of three. If and when I hear back, I'll tell you which ones.
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They are such cute little balls of fluffy cuteness!
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What, no cutness warning? You're going to have to put one in your avatar or something!
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Those adorable little kittens are going to grow into stunning cats!
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Those pictures are brilliant, and their too gorgeous for words
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awh .....................awh .......they are just too cute !!

I waannnttttt ttthhheeeemmmmm pleeeeezzzeeee !!
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How cute are those photos!! Your captions are purrfect!!
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Wow your little babies are growing up so fast! they are beyond beautiful
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww there beautiful how old are they?
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They are simply too cute for words!!!!
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Just about to be 8 weeks. They grow way too quickly.
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Mother'lovin to cute!!!!!
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I love their coloring! They're gorgeous!
I know all about 'stairplay'!
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Toooooo cute! Stairs are just the best, aren't they? Wait till they start hanging backwards off the sides over a ten foot drop -- only while the nervous human is watching, of course. Fawn has that down to a science!
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One of them has taken to going through the bars in the railing and looking down like he wants to jump... I'm nervous as heck, of course, but Sneakers just looks up and then looks at me like, "what are you gonna do? They're kittens!" Another one likes to sit on the VERY HIGH ledge of the upstairs loft.

I love them to death, and I am going to cry so hard when they have to leave, but man... my pocketbook is very light right now due to them and I don't have the energy to keep up with them! Luckily, I only had one summer class during most of their growing up, but fulltime classes start Wednesday and I have no choice but to keep them in the bathroom while I'm away since my husband works all day and my mom is in too ill of health too look after them.
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