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question about tom cats

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Just curious when does the full benifit hit a tom cat thats been a tom for like 3 years? I know that usually after tom cats get nutered and released into the wild (trap & released) they almost ALWAYS lose postion as top cat if they were. Im just curious when do they usually stop trying to dominate the world/

is it true that it takes 6-8 weeks for testosterone levels to go down?
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Some with more exact data will no doubt be along, but it does take some time for the hormones (and fertility) to drop fully. 8 weeks doesn't seem excessive, though I think it might be on the long side.
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I think you're equating male hormones with personality. A cat who has a drive to be a dominant cat before he's been neutered is still going to have the same inclination after, maybe just a little less aggressive about it. My two boys are neutered; Rocket at about four months; and they still have a lively competition for status.
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My sister's cat was very dominant before his neuter and continues to be so. He also continues to "mate" with his neutered little brother.

I don't know about in colonies. If anything, it seems like they would no longer have the urge to fight constantly over females attention to be the top cat... which sounds more like a benefit than a side effect to me.
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