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I need a bit of help...

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Hello Everyone,
I am new here and although I do not own a cat at the moment I have had cats my whole life and I am definately planning within the next little while to get my first addition to the apartment.
My question is this...Is is better to wait to get a kitten or a cat until after I move. I know its not that responsible of me but I went to a pet shop today and I just fell in love! She is the cutest little black baby next to my old cat who had the same markings! I know I should wait to get a kitten or even a cat until I move (in roughly a month and a half) so please can someone just convince me out of it! lol
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Mine move very well, we have moved a few times and it doesn't phase them... as long as you are there to give it love and save it from sitting in an adoption cage, I say go for it... as long as you have the space etc where you are.
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I would think the kitten who will be adjusting to new surroundings would move pretty well. Good luck!!!
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this is so not the place to be told not to get a new kitty, we are all terrible
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As long as there is no reason not to bring the cat to your current place, and you already know FOR SURE that you can keep pets in the new place, I say go for it, there is no reason to think of that as irresponsible.
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First off, welcome to TCS!!!! If you are considering adopting a kitty, it might not be a bad idea to wait until you are moved and settled in- it would likely stress out a kitty to put it in a new environment, and then completely move it again....however, not all kitties are alike and some move rather well- so whatever you decide, base it on the individual kitty. Also, do you have approval where you live now, as where well as where you are moving in the next month or so to have a cat? It might not be a bad idea eithor to go ahead and save a little extra cash for when you do adopt your kitty- usually right after you adopt a kitty is the most expensive time for a cat owner- with kitten/ adult shots and all Many places have low cost spay/neuter clinics that offer spay/neuters at low costs as well as vaccinations I would deinitely look into that before you bring a kitty home. You want to plan ahead.
I would suggest looking at your local animal shelters and no-kill rescue organizations around your area well before you make your final decision to adopt from a pet store.. Usually, the adult black kitties are the last ones to get homes at shelters . However, if you've fallen in love with the kitten, maybe you could adopt that kitten and then get it a little play mate from your local animal shelter that way you'd be saving two lives! two cats are no more trouble than one, and they will keep each other company when you are at work...etc. Whatever you decide, i'm sure whenever you do adopt a kitty, it will have a wonderful home with you Keep us posted! Feel free to pm me if you have any kitty-related questions! I'd be happy to help you.
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Thanks everyone for your quick replies! I know I really should wait till the end of sept. because I know if I get one at the shelter its already spayed and its got its shots and plus I'm saving a true sweethearts life. I think what I am going to do is start slowly getting the stuff for the cat, that way I still feel like I am accomplishing something and I will also save a great deal of money.
I have one question though. I have been quite worried about the adoption because in march or april I had to give away 2 rabbits to the same shelter. The reason I had to do this was one was my roomates who decided she didn't want the responsability and the rabbits were amazing buddies and then one day they almost fought to the death. Being a student who worked as well there was no way I had the timeor resources to care for two seperate un-neutered male rabbits. I do take responsability for it but I am scared that the humane society will see that I couldn't take care of rabbits so why should I get a cat (BTW I am now living on my own, thank god, and am living in an apartment with a good paying job). I know this is along post ( :P) but I am just scared i might have ruined my adoption chances. Maybe that's why I am subconsciously loving the kitten idea?! lol
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If it comes up when you go to the shelter to adopt a kitty- just explaine to them what you just wrote. I think they should understand. I would caution you on one thing though- cats can live well into their early twenties- are you prepared to take care of a cat for 20+ years? Food, vet bills, emergencies, vaccinations,etc?....if you are then that's wonderful! If you have any second thoughts though i would reconsider and write out all of the reasons you want to adopt. I'm not trying to talk you out of adopting, just making sure you're aware of the common reasons animals are returned to shelters by their owners. Also, You said you're getting your own apartment soon- is there any chance in the future that yrs down the road (say you get married and get a house?) you would move somewhere that you can't take a kitty? A lot of those reasons - moving, bills, behavior....are the main issues that animals get relinquished to shelters on a common basis. I would go over every scenario first. I already applaud you for planning ahead of time, and seeking out advice oneline from experienced cat people . Also, i highly recommend the books "kittens for dummies" and "cat's for dummies" - they're excellent books that cover everything from food, to behavior, to proper ways to groom your kitty! I would check them out from your local libary and read up before adopting your future kitty. I'm sure you will come across a lot of wonderful info- i know i have! You seem like such a wonderful person!!! I'm sure that you will give some needy animal a loving and wonderful home when you feel the time is right!

Also, just out of curiosity, were the rabbits yours or your roommates? You mentioned that you were a working student and that at the time you didn't have the time or finances to care for two unneutered males- i'm not being mean at all asking this - but, are you now in a position to care for a cat for 20+ years before you bring one into your new apartment when you move? Also, between work and school, will you have enough time to care and give attention to your future kitty? I am a full time student and i also work and volunteer on the side- and i have all of my animals without problems, but those are questios that should be addressed before adopting. As of right now, i have 4 cats of my own 1 dog at my house, one at my boyfriends, 1 rabbit and 3 foster kittens that are currently being bottle fed around the clock ( all of my animals are altared except for the foster kittens - they will be at the appropriate weight) So it is doable- to work and attend classes full time and take care of an animal- you just have to make sure that it is the right arrangement for you Also, was your roommate or you aware of the fact that all rabbits should be spayed/neutered just as cats and dogs to cut down on behaviorial issues? (i ask because i have a blue holland lop). Adult male rabbits should Never be kept together if they are not neutered. / Maybe it was just a situation of misinformation ??? Maybe if you explaine the situation to the shelter if they bring it up, they will still let you adopt and have a better understaning of the pervious circumstances that led to you relinquishing the rabbits. I highly doubt the shelter will bring it up though- most shelters have soo many animals in and out on a daily basis that it's hard to recollect an animal from serveral months prior. No worries sweetie! You will find the perfect kitty for you- just make sure you're 100% ready before you bring it home for a long term commitment. Whatever you decide, i wish you luck and applaud you for researching first!!! I'm sure you will make a wonderful meowmy!!!! Keep us posted! Feel free to pm me if you need anything, i'd be happy to listen
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Hey starryeyedtiger, thanks for your post!
In regards to the cat I am definately learning all that I can but I have had cats my whole life (they are my moms and live with her now that I am out on my own) and I used to work at a vets so other than the current prices of procedures and things,cat's are pretty much my life.
In regards to the rabbits we had originally been told they were both females by the breeder.My roomate got one and I got one and based on what I had read (I had bought many a book and mag on rabbits before then) and thought that two females would be ok together). I should have known right off the bat that when I was informing myself and my roomate didn't even know what they ate that maybe it wasn't the right descion,but I thought she would learn to care for hers. The rabbits formonths and months were so close it was almost freaky so I admit even after a vet visit who told us that they were actually males, I was still surprised by their fight. But I know it was their hormones. Another factor in this situation was that there was me and my roomate and her bf in the two bedroom apartment and although there was never any probs once christmas came they decided that they wanted a kitten. Now of course I love cats but this was too much! there was now three people, two SEPERATE rabbits and a kitten in the house. I know the rabbits were stressed and it is very hard for me to give up an animal but I knew that they needed to go for their sake. Even thinking about it know I still feel bad for the stress and **** they went though! I know that I will never ever give a kitten or a cat away but those doubts still linger eh? I always wonder on the what ifs?Like what if I can find a place for pets now but what about 5 years down the road. I know I will do everything I can but you still doubt, you know? Ok enough of my rant! Thank you so much for your help so far!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Mine move very well, we have moved a few times and it doesn't phase them... as long as you are there to give it love and save it from sitting in an adoption cage, I say go for it... as long as you have the space etc where you are.
I agree. We've lived in three different apartments over the past few years (due to school and life changes) and my cats have adjusted just fine.

Good luck! And I agree with ickle, you're saving her from a cage...so I'm all for that.
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I'd wait until you're moved and settled. Even if the kitten moves well, it'll be a lot less stressful for you moving into a new apartment without a cat under your feet!
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