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Help with my cat, i think he's sick

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I'm new here, found this site while searching for information. I wanted to take Punky to the only 24 hour emergency vet clinic but they dont let you make payments or pay later and being a college student I cannot drop 600 up front tonight.

Punky is a year and a half, usually very talkative and lively. the last two days he's just kinda been sleeping in the same two spots and when i picked him up early he was sort of shaking and curling up when i pick him up. When i put him down he kinda wobbles to a walk. Doesnt seem like its hurting him to walk but his balance is off. I'm really worried about him. THere has been no puking, there's no fever and his nose is cold and wet. Please someone if you know anything , help me out.
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I have no idea what it could be but it definitely sounds like a trip to the vet is in order. Did they tell you it was going to cost $600? Our emergency clinic charges $60 just to see them and of course what ever treatment is needed is extra. Ours will sometimes even hold a check if needed. I would seriously consider going and tell them up front you don't have a lot of money and maybe they will have an idea of what's going on without doing a lot of tests.
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I called them and they said it would be 150.00 to see him at least plus the cost of any medicine and procedures he would require. He is sort of dragging his back leg a little more than usual, not like its completely useless but still a slight drag and his tail is whipping around when he's walking. I'm attempting to get hte means to take him to the emergency vet (my regular vet takes carecredit which is how i pay him his rourtine care) I'm just very concerned. he still purrs when you pet him and growls if you touch his lower back (which he hates) and will look at you if you say your name. I just dont know what could possibly be wrong.
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oh and they did say they only take cash and charge and it has to be paid up front. I miss my old vet because they let you do payments
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Can you get a loan from friends / parents any one - your cat really needs to be seen by a VET - your instinct is right on target!!
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How old is your kitty? Can you take his temperature and see if he has a fever? Does the ER vet take Care Credit?
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he's about ninteen months. He doesnt have a fever. He slept with me all night, usually curled up next to me but sometimes on my pillow. He goes down three flights of stairs to use his litter box then comes back up. He still hasnt thrown up or anything. They dont take care credit. I'm going to try to call my regular vet today
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Yes, you had better call your old vet, since that other vet is charging you at least twice what my very expensive vet charges for a standard visit! That's a horrible thing to do to someone with a sick cat.
Your kitty needs help as soon as possible and I hope that you find a kind and considerate vet who will treat him and let you pay via bank transfer over time. Good luck.
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Well Punky is at the vet under 24 hour observation. The vet says she doesnt see a reason why he wouldnt be okay after he's feeling better but they are running blood tests, etc to make sure. They are thinking either a viral infection as his nose was slightly running and had a bit of a sneeze (first time i saw it was at the vet) or he may have injested something that poisoned him. I pray that he is okay.
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Thank goodness you were able to get him to the vet...please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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Heres hoping Punky is ok, too !!! Please keep us posted ...
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