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Goliath is scheduled to fly to his new home tomorrow morning!

I have his carrier all set up with a small litter box taped in the back - a food dish clipped to the front door and a hamspter water bottle strapped to the front as well. I have a couple of soft toys to put in there with him and his 'pillow' that he sleeps on.

I have the health certificate and the certificate of acclimation ready and the resevations are made. He has had his first two sets of shots......

I am very nervous about his flight!

Am I forgetting anything?
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Unless he is used to getting water out of a hamster bottle, the only purpose this bottle will serve is to see that he has water available. Secure a small tin to the inside of his carrier. I used an empty cat food can well rinsed off and poked two small holes in the very top near the edge. Using small guide wire, I fastened it down in the carrier for a place to put the water. I left instructions that the kitty I shipped was to be given water at every stop. But goliath is not going to know how to get water out of a hamster bottle as cats drink differently then rodents and rabbits.
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tHANKS hISSY - I should have added that the stupid water bottle drips constantly - I secured it over the water bowl thing on the door. He and I have been practicing with this for the past week - I put just enough water in the hamster bottle to fill the water bowl about 3/4 of the way. It is a direct flight with no plane changes. A one hr lay over in Raleigh.......total time from here to there is 5 hrs minus a few minutes.

I have been assured that he will be hand carried from station to station and that he will be the last thing on the plane and the first thing off! They also told me that he is flying in temp controlled area and that it is pressurized1 I am soooooo very nervous about this!
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Well.....Goliath took off this morning as scheduled! I hope and pray that all goes well for him. He is a very special little guy - drats that he wormed his way into my heart so much!! I took your advice and re-worked the water bottle and water dish, Hissy. Thanks for being there for me!
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Hope he arrives safely.
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He did! But I have to tell you I would never do this again. No more long distance adoptions for me! I was a wreck all day!
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