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What are your kitties doing right now?

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What's up with your kitties right at this moment? Billy is asleep on my lap, snoring a bit, with his eyes half open and looking sort of creepy. He never ever sits on my lap, and of course picks today when I needed to get up and clean around the place before Mass tonight. But I certainly don't have the heart to move him!

Chay is probably still sleeping in front of the sliding door in the kitchen, cause I don't see him. What about you guys?
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Eating their supper. I can hear the clinking of the ceramic bowl on the tile as we speak.
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Billy's awake now and bathing in my lap. Doesn't he know mom needs to get up and clean his litterbox?
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Villy's sleeping/grooming right in the middle of our bed, making the most of having the bed to herself until we go to bed
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Topaz is asleep somewhere and I occasionally get a quick glimpse of a long white Ari tail every now and then.

ZOOM!!! There he goes now!
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Its pouring rain all five are sound asleep. Two of the siamese are curled up together,another one is sleeping with hubby in his lap both are snoring. My persian is sleeping in his window bed. And Lily is down in the cellar sleeping on top of some quilts on a bench her favorite place to sleep.
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Hummm, i'm not sure what my girls are doing. I'm pretty sure they're all asleep. Velvet is the only one awake to my knowledge- she's in her kitty bed on top of the washing machine supervising my mom lol.
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Rosie and Sophie are downstairs playing chase and what a noise their making! They'll be running up here next.
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lol My two love playing chase up the stairs. There seems to be a lot of napping going on right now! I'm about to have to kick Billy off my lap to go clean the litter box and take a shower before church tonight.
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Well, I'm in the spare bedroom where the computer is, and Loki just had a snack of cat grass (I grow it in the kitchen and in here) and now is sitting on the futon beside the computer desk staring at me! He says, Mommy, what on earth are you doing! It doesn't involve me, so it can't be good~
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Most are sleeping.

A few of the babies are playing
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Billy finally got off my lap so I could clean his litterbox, and I finally got my shower in. Now they're both off somewhere where I can't see them, probably doing something naughty.

Oh, there's Chay, looking at me a wild look in his eyes that says Billy's probably going to get chased or a toy is about to be destroyed. And up the stairs he goes....
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Harley is sleeping on the floor, and Davidson just made himself quite comfy on the inside of John's leather Harley Davidson jacket I suppose its warm - he's all cuddled up!
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I think we need a picture of that!!
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Pudge is undoubtedly sleeping. The fosters are most likely doing the same too. They are always just waking up when I walk into the foster room.
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Lukas is sleeping on his "computer" chair with his own pilllows & blanket right next to my chair where he is anytime I'm on the computer
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Miagi is sleeping in my room somewhere and Tiger is in a chair right beside me cleaning himself.
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Sleeping all over the house, some in pretty weird places.
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Emma: sleeping on a kitchen chair
Oliver: sleeping in the MIDDLE of the couch!
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Pepper is in the chair next to me, bathing.
Pearl is hiding in my closet.
I don't know what Fluffy and Scooter are doing, but I don't hear them, so it can't be good.
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Boomer is under my feet using them to rub his back
Magnum is sleeping under my BF's computer chair, with his tail wrapped around the base so he can not move in any direction without running over him
Scully is asleep on my bed
Bumper is sitting in the bathtub trying to work out what the weird noise in the wall is (water pipes)
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Astrid is in the window in my den with me making sure the back yard is safe from crickets and moths... She loves it there and always finds something to see or smell. The best part of weekends is that I can let her hang out in the windows with supervision and not have her cooped up in the apartment with the air conditioning and blinds down. I always feel so bad when I have to go to work and shut the windows etc. .. I can't wait till fall and it will be cool and breezy!
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Billy's sitting on top of my armchair now looking at me like he's willing me to go to bed. Chay's sleeping in one of his favorite places - by the front door.
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All of my babies are asleep except my foster kitten Lex. He's in the kitten playpen running around and "yelping" at his shadow- it's hilarious!
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Haha...I don't think I've ever heard a cat yelp!
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As I clicked on this thread I looked around and didn't see mine ... so I walked around my small apartment. Still didn't see them. Saw a kitchen cabinet open, so I know Athena had been sleeping there (I have a wonderful kitchen with so much cabinet space that I use one cabinet for my clothes. Athena loves to open the door and sleep on my clothes in the cabinet.) Figured I shouldn't reply to this thread, as they were probably in the back corner of my closet or the cat carrier or some such. I returned to my computer chair and ...

There they were! Two cute little faces peering around the back of the extra office chair, curious as to what I was poking around the house for!
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Looking at me wondering why I am up and disturbing their beauty sleep at such an awful hour of the morning
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Figaro's in my lap (as usual), Tink's on the floor at my feet, Trixie is laying right outside the door to the office with her tail in the room, and Jaz and Minnie are out in the living room laying on the air mattress I have set up for my sister and her bf (visiting us for the next few days).
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Hmm, I wonder what Villy is up to now, while I'm at work.........
Wouldn't you love to know what they do?!
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I'm going to take a wild guess here and say sleeping!!!!!
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