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I got a job!

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I just got my first job here in this new city. The company is having mass interviews on Thursday, but I guess they needed a couple people to start out on Wednesday, and I got hired today!

It's at a national chain bookstore, very near my apt. I'm so excited I've always wanted to work in a bookstore.

It may only be temporary though. They hire a bunch of people for now-october (textbook and football season) and only keep a few. That stinks, but at least I don't need to worry about it for awhile.

And.... I get a discount on TEXTBOOKS!!!!!!!

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Yaaaaaaaaaay! Good for you!
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Way to go!!! That's so exciting! I love bookstores, and would love to work in one as well. If they liked you enough to hire you early, hopefully they'll keep you on - good luck with it!
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Good for you Julie!!
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That's awesome Congrats to ya!
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Thank you all!!!!

I needed a job, and fast, and this one just sort of fell into place so easily it was almost amazing! And it was the one I wanted! I just hope they ask me to stay after "the season". Hopefully a bunch of people just do it for the textbook discount and don't want to stay.
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i need a job with in 3 weeks
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Congrates .. hope you dont spend your paycheck in there
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Congrats!!! I would spend alot of money if I worked at a bookstore!! Maybe they will also need holiday help???
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Congrats! That is great news, and I think you are a hard worker, so I think you stand a good shot at being one of the staff they keep. Good luck!
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Awesome! A job in a bookstore would be great, I'm an organization freak, except at home of course and would probably spend all day making sure the books were in alphabetical order by author then title.... i acutally used to do this at Kmart most kids went to the toy section, I went to the book section and rearranged it
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That is awesome!! Just prove yourself a hard worker and they will keep you on!
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Thats great! I bet they will keep more people on because by the beginning of November the next "holiday season" will start. Good luck! I LOVE bookstores but lately haven't been into my reading as much. I need to get on the ball, maybe tonight. If I read a half-hour before bed that is usually good and then I get addicted to a book and will do nothing but read .
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