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In love with the....shower?

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Yes that's right. The shower. Whenever I take a shower, Kahlan, my new kitten jumps in. She sits in the back where she isn't actually under the spray, but she still gets a little wet. This is her favorite time of the day. I always leave the bathroom door open a little as the litter box is in there. She could be in a dead sleep, she'll come running as soon as I turn the shower on. Then when I'm finished, before I turn off the water I check her over to make sure she didn't get any soap or conditioner on her. What a pain. (But so cute!) Then when I get out, she likes to run back and forth on the bottom of the tub. Is this normal or is she just wierd? She's even gotten Akasha to jump in and romp with her. What is this?
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I think its normal - Harley does this all the time - both him & Davidson get in the shower when I'm finished and play with the water drips that are still coming out of the faucet!
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Lots of cats love running water and have a fascination for baths, showers and toilets, especially when their humans are using them! They like to share these experiences for some reason.
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My RB kitty Hobbes used to paw the shower door open and stand in the water. Now, there was a catch to this, he loved water but on his terms only! We had to give him a bath from time to time and he hated it.
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Both of my cats will sit outside the shower while someone is using it, but that's where the similarities end. Nermal will not enter the shower while it's running or if you are even in there with the water off, but as soon as you leave he jumps in and plays in the water on the bottom. Milo on the other hand, will happily join you in the shower if the door is open but she never cares once the shower is off. Milo will even go as far to climb in the tub with you if you are having a bath if you aren't watching her. She loves water.
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Pepper likes to run around the house, up and down the hall, into the bathroom, and into the tub. She did this early in the morning, right when I was about to have my bath for work. She was so surprised to find it full of water. She still does it, she just added one extra step instead of just vaulting over the side of the tub, she stops briefly to check. There hasn't been water in it again.
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Mosi likes the shower but he's not been brave enough to jump in yet (I have had a little face peer around the shower curtain a few times though!). He's even more obsessed with the wash basin - I'm finding it incresingly difficult to wash my face or brush my teeth as he refuses to budge. He likes to perch on the rim and splash his paws in the water or sometimes to sits in the basin itself. It's actually becoming rather irritating as it's taking me ages to get ready for work in the mornings.
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My Gizmo loves the bath when there is water standing in it but she only looks. If the shower goes on, she scampers away!
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