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What about egg yolk?

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Just wondering whatcha all think about giving kitties egg yolk for their coats. Is this a good thing to do, bad or what. If not egg yolk, are there other helpful foods for a longhair that would be helpful? Thanks!
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fish oil ... olive oil ... flaxseed oil ...

egg yolk is good but dont overdue it ...

What is kitty eating ??? dry wet and brands
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Mine get egg yolk once or twice a week when well as a food supplement and more often if they are sick and don't want to eat normal food.
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Just raw egg yolk?? WIth out the whites? Just one or two?
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My wife likes egg white omelletes so rather than just toss the yoke down the drain I was wondering about giving just the yoke to the kitty for his long coat. I used to do this with my long hair dog and it seemed to work wonders but I don't want to give Persi something that may not be good for him.
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Raw egg yolks are fine but raw egg whites are very dangerous to cats. Cooked I believe are fine.

One source I quote here, but there are many that say the same thing:
Raw egg whites - Raw egg whites are not to be fed as they contain avidin which binds to biotin in the intestinal tract and prevents it from being absorbed - leading to a biotin deficiency. Cooked egg whites, on the other hand, are an excellent source of phosphorus-free protein. This is a great additive as long as the cat has not shown any allergy/intolerance for egg protein.
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