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what sort of agression is this

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What sort of agression is it when just say you pick up your cat and then put him on the ground somewhere or the cat is sitting on your lap and you need to get up to use the bathroom but the cat turns agressive???

How do you deal with this type of agressiion and how can you keep family members who are NOT cat people safe from the cat?

Best thing to do to tell other family members to NOT touch or go near the unpredictable cat?

Also if a cat was nutered about 10 days ago could the cat still be sore in certian spots? ANd ie if being picked up and put back on the ground may of hurt the cat in ways we could not understand therefor trigger an agressive attack (JUMP and attack from the ground)

HAs anyone elses cat done something similair?
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A lot of cats (on laps, or even just on the ground) feel it's their divine right to stay there, and don't want to be displaced, so act all affronted (aggressive) when they are. It's just another cat thing, but yours sounds like he's over the top about it and I'm not sure what to tell you, except possibly to (if he's on your lap) keep a supply of little chaser toys next to your chair and when you want to get up, throw one for him to chase, then leave! As far as the 'ground' goes, don't pick him up unless you're taking him to eat or something (and do check with the vet to be sure he is ok after surg.). It may all change over time, these things sometimes do, but for now just tell others to ignore him if possible, and if he gets on their laps, you'll need to remove him to another room or something.
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the problem is others that live in this house need to be able to co exist with this cat WIHtout me there since im not always at home 24/7
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are you sure he is actually trying to attack and not just going after arms or legs as a form of agressive playing? Is he growling or hissing or screaming or anything while he jumps at you? Where is he jumping for? Like where is he aiming?
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he howls like he howls at another cat and jumps up and attacks me and then he hisses. His nails are clipped so the damange was not serious had he of had his claws god knows what shape i would of been in. I think hes abnormally strong for a cat his body is nothing but solid compact muscle built like a wild cat,, I would not be superised if he was even more powerfully built then one.
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have you tried talking to him before you move him? could it be you are surprising him out of a day dream? is it possible one of your roomates is tormenting him? agressive behavior comes from fear or pain not out of no where. it is learned to attack back at something.
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No one has tormented him in this house we are all adults the others just ignore the cats.

HE was nutered 10 days ago im thinking maybe when i put him on the ground i could of hurt an area he had stiching done? im hoping preying this is the reason

& ytes im always vocal with him
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My Rainbow Bridge cat Snoopy was the sweetest cat in the world, but on occasion, when he was younger, he would get royally mad at me, if I didn't feel like holding him. I'd put him down, he'd get back up, I'd put him down again, he'd get back up again. I'd put him down again for the 3rd time. Then he'd start crouching and circling me, the way a cat does, when he's about to attack. I'd raise my voice a little, commanding him, and I'd say..."No you don't Snoopy! Go lay down, right now!" Then he'd look at me, not really willing to give up, for about 10 seconds and turn around and go lay down. He never actually attacked, because he KNEW better, and he outgrew that behavior. I knew it was because I was making him get down. He wanted to be on my lap 24/7, and I loved cuddling with him, but sometimes you just HAVE to have a break.
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