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Daily Thread 8.20.06

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No thread today?

Got up early today and went and got some groceries and kitty food.... now I'm making some lunch and then we'll be off to the parade for the town's yearly festivities.

Harley is snoozing on the couch, and Davidson is being adorable and sunbathing by the patio door, all sprawled out on his back, sleeping away

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
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I'm going to attempt to read as much of my book as possible, and then I'm going to go see Little Miss Sunshine. I'm excited.
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I was up early to get groceries (mustn't forget the cat food!) then Mom and I went to Sis's for lunch. Taco Salad

Now we are home and relaxing.
(And I just heard a crash in the hallway. ARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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I've been taking care of the foster kittens all day long . Colin stopped by around noon before he went into work to sharpen the blade on my mom's lawn mower (he's such a sweetie!). I did some laundry and cleaned the house a bit. Other than that, i'm enjoying my day off...just watching tv and hanging out with my animals.

Tonight, Lex is getting a bubble bath Fun Times! We'll see how that goes! He's a diry boy
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Kind of a good day. Got alot done around the house. Weeded all of my gardens, mowed, replanted some plants, laundry. I like it when I have a day that I feel I got some stuff done. Back to work tomorrow........ugh!!!

Jerry is on his way home, (he just called) from his bike a thon....no new kitty this year!

Hope you all have a good week!
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Well we had quiche for breakfast, did a couple loads of laundry, painted in the garage for 1 hour then we drove to the place we looked at trailers and the one they ordered for me will be mine next Saturday!!! We have to drive up (again) as they have to put on a hitch and electric brake controls on the truck. While driving home we stopped at the guy's house that is restoring Neil's tractor-we should be able to move to the shop that will be painting it in the next couple of weeks!! Then we stopped for custard cones (raspberry bash-vanilla with dk chocolate bits and raspberry sauce swirled in!) Painted for another 30-45 minutes and worked a couple perennial beds for a while.
Pretty good day!!!
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Good evening!

I just came back home. I spent the whole day at the university studying... and once I got everything done that I had planned to, I treated myself with a movie. The movie was very good (The Illusionist) but unfortunately I found myself sitting besides two people who kept talking every time something important was going on. And no, they weren't teenagers... they were the age of my grandparents. I guess rude people come in all ages.
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This is the last day of my weekend off. It was ok. Brad worked but At least I spent some of it with him. Oh well, can't have every day off together now can you?
We went to friends today and went shopping and the men cooked dinner. It was yummy! Now we are sitting home and honey is watching HBO and I am at the puter! No house cleaning today! Did it yesterday and the washer broke so no clothes cleaning until we either get a new washer, or get the current one fixed.
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