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Photo of Kona!

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Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd drop by to give an update on Kona also know as "Siamese Tornado". You might recall my posts over the past month or two desperately seeking advice on how to deal with his destructive and sometimes nasty behaviour.

Two weekends ago we finally came to the realisation that Kona just wasn't for us so we set out to find him a new home. My mother who had recently retired and is now housebound due to illness was very keen to adopt him. She had always wanted a Siamese kitten but couldn't afford one (at that point we were willing to pay someone to take him!). So, we packed up all his little toys, blankies, catstand, litter tray etc (as we danced the jig) and took him over to mums house (she lives just around the corner). Well, you wouldn't believe it - he's been an absolute angel for her! He is so happy and content having nanna as his new mum and he's been really good for mum too - he's brought back her "spark" which is great.

We have been lucky enough to find another Russian Blue called Phoebe who is one year old and needed to be rehomed after her family had a new human baby enter their lives. We flew her up from Sydney just 2 days ago - she's gorgeous and we are very very happy.

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who offered such great advice during our time of turmoil - I don't know what we would have done without you!

To see photos of our Phoebe and photo of our recent Hawaiian wedding drop by the lounge and look at my post Wedding Photo.


Here's a photo of Kona at 8 weeks (he's about 13weeks now):
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I am very glad that everything is working out and there is a happy ending in sight for all involved! What a little doll he is. I am sure that your mum will love him to pieces! Another Russian Blue for you too!
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Lisa - he is just the sweetest little monkey. He does look like a little imp though - there that glint in his eye . . .

Anyway - as Debra says, it's good news that everything has worked out for all concerned.
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Maybe he just wasn't really meant to be your kitty. I had one for 7 years, and he never seemed to be really happy. One day he went to live with the sweet little old lady down the street, and as far as I know is still living happily wih her. I had never seen him act really happy, and he sprayed me several times, just a really nasty creature until he found his real home.
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That's right Yola - we thought he looked like one of those little monkeys you see at the zoo! Especially when he was hanging by one arm from the top of our vertical blinds then swinging his body before landing on our lovely lounge! Little Monkey - ahh he's so much sweeter now he's happy (and not living with us!)- as soon as we walk into mums house now we say: "Hello Little Monkey" and he meows and takes all the strokes and kisses we can give him.

Don't you just love a happy ending!
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He is so cute! Along with our Bengal we have a male Siamese. I love him so much! I would not trade him for anything in the world!

I am so happy for you that things worked out!
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Hi Guys,

Just got some more photos developed - here's another one of the little critter.....
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He looks a little more loveable in this one....
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Kona is too cute! I love Siamese cats and will own one someday. But I know what you mean about attitude! I have a Himalayan and he's got enough of the Siamese attitude to be a real stinker! To everyone else but me of course. He's momma's "baby boy"! And of course not spoiled at all!

I'm glad everything worked out for the best for you! My mom had a cat once that she had to get rid of too because of a personality clash. It was very hard on her because she has had cats all her life and never had such an unfortunate experience. Apperently this cat was a "male only" cat.
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