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Our cat is obsessed with computer- causing problems!

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Radar (our new cat) has become obsessed with our computer, he realises that the chair next to it belongs to the 'alpha male' and likes to sit on it but this is not the problem. The problem is that he likes to tap away on the keyboard- sometimes switching the computer off or opening up all kinds of programmes. My partner has lost games unsaved due to his interest and I've had him switch off the computer whilst watching something...
I've tried unplugging the keyboard but often forget, I'm just wondering what solution other posters here might suggest as we need our computer on all the time and Radar lives in the same room
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Take a look. Hope it helps!
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That's an incredibly useful invention. Of course, it won't stop the 'kitty editing' while you are actually using the keyboard! I have Gizmo here on my lap on a pillow while I am working and since she is quite small I can keep her happy while I type.
You might try getting a small perch to put next to your desk that the cat knows is 'his' and use it in conjunction with the keyboard cover. He might be content to sit there and watch you.
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Is Radar young? I've noted that kittens are usually more of a keyboard problem than adult cats.

I was able to train my cats out of keyboard-love by firm "no"s and lots of redirection. Cat wants to play with the keyboard? No, no, cat will play with an interactive toy that she can't resist! While typing, just move your hands for a few moments to shield your keyboard, grab and move any feet that touch the keyboard (this should seriously annoy your cat, which is good in this context), and just keep doing it. Honestly, why would a cat want to step on a piece of hard plastic that moves underfoot when there are better options? It also helped when I got a desk and didn't have the keyboard on the floor anymore. A desk with a keyboard tray is particularly handy to keep the keyboard out of the way as often as possible.
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Set your screensaver to password protected. If your cat can guess your password then you have one smart kitty. If you have windows XP, windows key L will bring up the login screen without closing any open applications. If you don't have a password set however, hitting enter will still log your cat back in. My Nermal loves to play with my computer while I'm using it but usually leaves it alone when I'm not there.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
Wow!! Thats some fancy programme

I'm going with Enuja's advice on the 'win + L' control for now as I never knew about this previous to their post
Still hoping he will grow out of this habit
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My cat loves to put her head on the hard plastic keyboard even though she has a nice pillow to use instead. Go figure.

Good luck with the kitty prevention methods.
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haha, my cat tries to play my video games
She comes and stands in my face, saying "knock it off and pay attention to me" and if I ignore her she steps on the keyboard, sits on the mouse, and makes a general nuisance of herself.
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