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My first kitten. I remember going to the shelter and looking at the seven kittens, the same number as my age, living in a tall, narrow, rattly cage. One mischevous scrap had climbed right up the metal sides of the cage and hung off it staring at me - a beautiful little brown-and-black tabby. It took a while to unhook those little claws! I named him Free.

Free was never a particularly friendly cat - he was often seen chasing our huge labrador-cross around the house! He was prickly and touchy, but sometimes in the evenings he would sit beside me and purr. Those were precious times, for he was so active usually!

One day Free went missing. My sister and I put up posters in the village store. I was sure he had just gone roaming. But one day the store called my parents and said that a cat that fitted Free's description had been found dead on the single busy road near our house, though it was miles away. The red collar with golden christmas trees were what made us sure.

When I read the Rainbow Bridge story, I cried again for Free though he's been gone for a long time. He will always have a special place in my heart.
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Free will always be special to you

RIP little one
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Free.
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The love between a child and a kitty is so special. I'm sorry you lost Free too soon. Condolences to you. He is there, now, over the bridge.
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Free will be having a brilliant time over at Rainbow Bridge don't you worry, and he'll be there waiting for you when the time is right

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Thanks, everyone *hugs*
It's so nice to think of him happy there.
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awwwwwww he most certainly will be happy at the bridge
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