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Thanks..I really appreciate this site...

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Hi guys...
I am glad to have found this place. I have always had cats, but now that I have a kitten (which I haven't had for a very long time), I am glad that I have had folks to correspond with while he hasn't seemed well. Thinking back, I think that I have only had one incidence in which a cat wasn't feeling well! I would think that after all of these years, I would know all there is to know, but now I realize that I never have had to deal with any cat illness, so I was so worried!

He is doing SO much better tonight, so I am wondering if he just got into something he shouldn't have, but regardless, I will take the advice from this board and have him checked out. Well, I do know one thing..he has fleas! We have never had any of our pets bring in fleas and in one day...blam...fleas! Anyway, that's the way it goes. I can't be upset...he's too cute. I'll just have to deal with getting rid of them!

When I saw him I fell in love. I was joking with my little sister-in-law and said,"Wow...I would love to sneak that little one home!" I told her I was just joking, but how it reminded me of a kitten I had had years ago. She said, "Well,you should anyway, because if they (the people who had it)decide they don't want it, they'll just shoot it." WHAT?!!! She said that is what they do! I couldn't believe it, and I really don't know them, but she knows their family well and so I believed what she said. My husband said, "Well, it would be better off here...and besides, it really does look like Domino (the kitten we had had)". The next day she called me and asked if I wanted it...The girl had said that they had decided they were going to keep him "just lately", but the parents weren't real thrilled about it, so if I wanted him I could have him! Oh, I was SO thrilled! I never thought I could be that excited over another cat after my persian "Taz", but there is just something about certain animals. I mean, I LOVE cats and they are ALL cute and beautiful, but sometimes there will be those certain ones that just immediately "connect" with you.

Anyway, my husband was relieved that he was coming to live with us, too (whew!)....And the kitty LOVES my husband!

I call it "the kitty" because we haven't agreed on a name...I have three boys and they all purposely won't agree on the others' choices! Then the name they DO agree on is "Vash" or "Vash The Great" from a cartoon they watch. They said "No" to "Oreo", "Felix", "Figaro", "Tux", but choose a name I can hardly get used to...hee hee! Anyway, I can't complain, I guess. If anyone out there has any really good name ideas let me know! My two year old says "Name him Kitty". I am surprised he didn't choose "Batman"! The unofficially named kitten is the little one in the photo. The other photo is of my cat "Taz".

Anyway, just babbling on. I'll say good-night. Just wanted to let you all know I appreciate the site!
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okay, I mentioned photos..None actually came up. Sorry. I don't even know if I am supposed to add one here. Let me know if I can't. I don't want to violate any rules.


"Love Me, Love My Cats!"
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What a sweetie he is! Good luck with him in your home!
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What adorable cats! And don't feel bad about the name Vash...it is alot better than the name one of my cats has...one of my best friends daughter's (who was about 10 at the time) wanted the kitty, and I gave her to them, but their dog kept attacking her, so they gave her back, but my friend's daughter wanted the kitty to keep the name she had given her...so I now have a cat named Lips. :laughing:
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