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Wild cat likes watching TV?

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I just had to share this with you.
This morning I woke up early, started the pc and the coffe machine and cared for the cats and the chickens as normal. The feral cats that has been living with us for a couple of month was a little more active than usually.
When I went for a second cup of coffe the TV suddenly started. I saw the tail of one of the wild mamas on my way back to the pc which is a huge step forward. She has never entered our combined living/bedroom (due to renovation) before. Our domestic cats was still sleeping on the bed with my husband.
After a while I went for third coffe and I hear the TV start again. I see the tail of her disapearing when I enter the room.
I found this a very strange behaviour.
After a while she was standing in the door watching me so I blinked at her and turned my head away. I more felt than saw her entering the room again.
Now I got the explanation. She jumped up on a chair an then on the table where we (a little bit lazy Saturday evening) left the used plates after dinner. We ate pork shops and the bones were still on the plates (or was). The remote controle was laying on the chair she first jumped on.
Home life is never boring with cats in the house.
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haha, that's so cute!!! Who needs tv when you have cats!!!

My youngest who is 8 years old now used to swing from the front of the fridge to open the top freezer door. That's where I had her catnip stashed so that it stayed fresh. The little twerp figured out that if she hung off the front of that door and pushed with her legs while swinging her body that the door would open. However, she never did figure out how to actually get inside once the door was open.

Once I discovered that it was her opening the door and not me being absent minded, I started to tape the door shut when I left the house. Eventually she found that her little trick no longer worked and gave up, LOL
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This is quite funny. Our remote TV controller is always on the floor; we will put it on the coffee table or somewhere but it will soon be on the floor, no explanation needed. The cat is facinated with this device and several times now when we are watching a movie, the channel suddenly changes. It happened last night and I swear that Persi changed the channel to the ANIMAL PLANET.
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Natasha watches tv.[IMG][/IMG]
It's not even animal planet.
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I don't have a television at the moment, but in my old apartment I had one of the floor. My spouse and I were watching a movie with a character traveling through the forest. It was a distant shot, and the character was all in white.

One of my kittens batted at the character, compeletely interupting the movie!
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