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New Stumpy and Lily photos

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First of all - Stumpy chasing a moth

Falling off the chair as it flew away (and we freaked out about the cat claws in our nice leather chairs...)

Oooh I can see it!

Haha caught it!

Mmmm yum yum! Yes she ate it!

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Mmm catnip!

Hmmm not sure what I think of this...

Die catnip die!

Sorry mum, I don't like it!

Video of Lily and her catnip (takes a few second to get into it)

Lily attacking the catnip
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Pretty kitty

Close up

Eating the camera cord!

Hangin' out

Ignoring each other...

Is it just me or does Stumpy look as though she has a massive overbite???

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there adorable im in love
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Awww the girls say thanks
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I've always thought Stumpy is one elegant lady, even if her nick name is Stumpy, but I have to say Lily is just a little heartbreaker. She is soooo beautiful.
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Those pictures are brilliant Your babies are so sweet
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You should see them now - they've just given each other big baths, and are curled up together looking so peaceful. They are just so in love with each other. Of course I took a million photos, and will put them up just as soon as I finish this module of my textbook...
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Those pics are's amazing how they get along, I never had that happen till Joey came to live here and he loves Sev so much Sev basically tolerates it and will allow him to lay on him.
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Ok, and this morning's cuteness. It started off with Lily snuggling up to Stumpy (and Stumpy yawning...)

Then some cleaning

Then some cuddling and cleaning

Then Lily had a go at Stumpy's nipples while Stumpy cleaned her

More sleeping

More cleaning (Stumpy was LOVING this!)

And finally, fast asleep

And finally a video of Stumpy girl snoring

Fast asleep

Apologies for the millions of photos, but Lily's just starting to really come out of her shell. A week ago, there was no way she was comfortable enough to sleep out in the open for so long, and her and Stumpy really haven't snuggled up much during the day - they normally sleep separately, so this is just so exciting for me!!
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The pics are wonderful! Stumpy is being such a good foster mom. It's great that they are doing so well together.

Also, I'm glad to see there is another cat named Stumpy on TCS. I have a black bobtail named Stumpy or sometimes Stumper. I've always felt a little guilty for calling her that, after all she can't help what kind of tail she has.

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I'm glad you have a Stumpy as well! Mine became a Stumpy after her tail got amputated, and we were fostering her and nicknaming her that since her real name was Genevieve which we thought was too long. Then we fell in love with and adopted her, and unfortunately the name stuck....

I feel bad for the name too, but it stuck and I figure she has no idea what it means!
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Your photos are just fab.........................and Lily & Stumpy just love each other to bits, they look so contented and happy ! BTW brill photos
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Too cute! They are adorable!
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