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Ethical treatment of animals

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Long time no speak! Well, busy busy we certainly are!! My husband is doing a paper for school about Respect for animals, namely dogs. (Sorry!, hee hee) Anyway, been searching the web and don't seem to find anything that specifically outlines, in definition, what "animal cruelty" means, ie; beating your dog, leaving him in a small kennel or dog run, etc. Just want some good web sites to look up (already been to aspca.org .... ETC!!) Maybe even someone who is willing to have an interview with my husband or myself regarding his paper and being a professional source on the issue. Let me know.

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Nice to *see* you again.

Where you are going to run into problems with this paper is that each state is defining animal cruelty different than another. In some states beating a dog is considered cruelty, yet in another it is considered torture. Perhaps the best way to approach it is to use your home state and another and compare the laws to see how they are different, and perhaps approach the question as to why they are different when the results are the same, an animal is hurt, mutilated or killed.

If you go to google and do a search for "define animal cruelty" a bunch of websites will pop up as well as indicators of other sites along the same lines. Also Dogpile.com will give you more info if you ask that question for its search engines. Good luck!
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Here's a good site that pretty much gives you everything you need to know. I will warn you though that some of the stories that are on the site can be very upsetting. Pet abuse
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