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I started working out about three weeks ago and my forehead has started breaking out. Anyone else have this problem from working out? Would a sweat band work, or would that make it worse??? This sucks. They won't go away.
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I don't really break out at all...only an occassionaly zit now and then...but i would suggest washing off all makeup before you workout out, then washing your face after you work out with a very gentle cleanser. Sweat clogs your pores with dirt and debris....so cleaning it should work . I highly recommend those face wash towlets...they're like baby wipes, they don't require any water- you just "wash & toss" so to speak Very convenient for the gym. Hope this helps
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Hmmm... I do hop in the shower right afterwards, but usually I do have makeup on my face while I'm working out. I will start washing my face before working out too. Thanks for your help.
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No problem! I hope that helps! What part of TN are you from? I live in Memphis....i'm pretty sure there's wal-marts all over TN...if there's one near you, they sell those moist towlets (they even have their own brand..you can get a 2 pack for $5...and their version is just as good as ponds.). I've also found that Oil of Olay's Dual Action Cleanser & Toner is really gentle as well and doesn't over dry skin. I hope this helps you
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Yup, I break out around my hair line the most. I use a facial cleanser with scrubbing things in it to cleanse my skin, and I use a skin moisturizer at night (Neutrogena). No matter what I do, though, I really can't avoid it.
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