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Cat with anxiety disorder??

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Daisy is our 6yr. old female cat. We got her when she was approx. 3 months old. As a kitten she showed pretty normal behaviors. As she got older, she just became...ummm...weird? LOL...She will not allow anyone who does not live in the house to touch her. She will bat at people and hiss, but these people aren't strangers to her, most are relatives she has know forever. She will accept food from them and then growl and bat at them with her paws. She doesn't seem frightened by anyone because she will not run and hide, but rather sit right in the middle of a group of family or friends and stare, wait until someone comes near her and then start batting and hissing...She HATES our other cats with a passion! But she doesn't seem to mind the dogs...She is always startled by the littlest sound or motion and ready to attack if she hears something. She is affectionate only when SHE wants to be, which is rare. She will jump up on your lap to be pet. She allows this for a few minutes, then will suddenly start to bite your fingers(not really hard, but very unexpectedly)......I just accept that that is her personality however strange it may be(my kids call her evil cat..lol).......Anyone out there ever deal with this kind of behavior before?
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I would say that she could have a medical problem but since the behavior gradually increased and didn't suddenly happen then maybe it isn't. Never know though. Is she spayed? Sometimes cats are moodier when they aren't especially when they have gone so long without being spayed.

If she is then I really don't know, maybe that is just how she is. You can buy some Feliway plug ins and see if that helps. It should, it is especially designed for cats with behavior issues.
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Your Daisy is normal. A lot of cats are like her including my Joji (except that dogs are included in her list of enemies) I would suggest though that you discourage the finger biting thing to avoid a possible hurt in the future.
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She is spayed, has been for several years...I think some of it has to do with her being here first and then moving in more pets. The dogs have been here for years and it took her a while to get used to them, but she doesn't seem to mind them as much as the other cat..She never attacks first though, she just waits until someone comes near her.....But now that I think of it, she was pretty moody before we even got the dogs. She never seems all that happy and never really did. I have only gotten her to purr a few times in her life and even then it was the weirdest thing I've ever heard, kind of like her purrer was broken. Sounded like a weedwhacker that was sputtering and dieing out..lol...I kinda just think she is a bit crazy..LOL
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First of all, take her to the vet to rule out any medical problems. Make sure they do a full blood panel on her.

Then, if no medical problems, I would go the Comfort Zone w/ Feliway plug in route. Try that for about a month - 6 weeks and see if there's a change. You could also try Bach's Rescue Remedy. You can give 4 drops a day up to 4 times a day. I give it to my cat twice a day in her wet food. We've successfully gone from 4 drops a day 2x/day to 2 drops a day 2x/day.

I knew my Callie (10yo) was skittish and a fraidy cat, but I'd had her about 8 years and she'd really settled down and come into her own. She'd turned into quite the lovebug and hardly startled at loud noises anymore. She successfully made the transition to our 1600 sq. ft house from our 660 sq ft apt in April of last year. She was doing beautifully.

Enter Hannah Grace, our new 6 month old kitty. Callie totally withdrew, lost weight, and became introverted. I started with the plug ins and saw some improvement, but not quite what I wanted. In June, 2006 I started giving her the Rescue Remedy. Within a few weeks, I started seeing my old girl coming out of her shell, returning to the lovey-cat she used to be. Within the last 2 weeks, she's even started playing again!!!! And, she's even initiated play with Hannah!! Woohoo!! I'm so thrilled!

It takes a lot of patience, much tlc, and time, but I think your kitty can calm down and become more accepting of others. Remember, your cat will pick up on your stress, too, so you want to be as calm as possible. Also, provide her a "safe place" where she can escape if the others start bugging her. I gave Callie a box with peep holes cut in the sides. I cut off the top flaps and turned it over. Cut an entrance hole for her and she hangs out in there frequently. Sometimes I even cover it with a dark towel to give her extra privacy. She was also given access to my closet where she loves to curl up and sleep. Hannah usually won't try to get in there, so that's a good safe place for Callie.

Keep us posted on how she's doing!!

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