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Woo-hoo just received!!!

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those of you who use it, how long did it take you to see results? are there any good reviews of it online? and why don't vets have this over here???
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What is it?
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I have never heard of Logic Gel.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
What is it?
Toothpaste for cats I think- I find the idea weird but each to their own I suppose
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I think it's great but I've not been using it long enough to notice results. Jaffa had a dental a few months ago so his teeth and gums are looking good - not showing any deterioration yet (I've been using the logic gel since he had his dental). Mine really love the taste. I give them some each day and try to make sure I brush with it or rub it on the gums at least twice a week (the rest of the time I let them lick it out of the tube).
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Yeah, stoli just got his and we've graduated to licking it out of the tube. I think tomorrow I'll rub it on his gums.
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I've been using it for a couple of months, and I have noticed a difference in the tarter buildup. Ginger is prone to buildup, and using the logic, we see less of it.

Let me know what you think as you go along with it!
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Where can I purchase this substance? Gizmo has little toothbrushes but hates cat toothpaste.
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well, to be frank it's a pain - you have to purchase it online, from england. BUT so far I'm in love with it. I haven't really heard anything bad about it. I wish I knew why it's not available over here......I'd love to bring some into my vet and get them to stock it.
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I thoroughly recommend Logic! I've been brushing my cats' teeth with it since January and have definitely noticed a great deal of improvement! You can even see the differece!

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Thank you for the advice, I would like to try this. Gizmo has so-so teeth and I don't want them getting worse, and it would help if the stuff got the tartar off. We did not scale her teeth this summer because of her heart condition and the vet still wants to wait. This might help if Gizmo lets me brush her!
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has any one recommended this to their vets? what did they say?
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Where do u find this stuff? I tried 2 places Ebay and some other UK vet place and they both said they do not ship to the US!
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thank you so much!!!
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no problem, i threw the receipt out that i had but these places look familiar.
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so does it work? and more importantly does the cat allow you to brush its teeth? Mine hates feline toothpaste and won't let me do it even with a newfangled teeny weeny cat toothbrush.
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with this gel if your cat won't let you brush his teeth, it's ok. the gel will adhere to the kitty's teeth and dissolve the plaque and tartar. Stoli LOVES the flavor of this toothpaste. he sees the tube and thinks it's treat time.
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Yup, you just apply it with the skinny applicator tip right along the gumline - Ginger likes it so much I have to be careful about how much I put in her mouth - I think she'd eat the whole tube if I let her!
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yeah stoli is all about the tooth paste. i'll try putting it on with the tip tonight.
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