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Scuffy is Sick

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Hi I am new here. My kitty is sick. He is an outdoor and indoor cat. He wanted to puke but he can't get it out he makes this noise trying to puke. He is breathing hard and fast I don't know what is wrong. I gave him some water but he does not want to drink it. He is just sleeping right now but breathing hard and fast. I think he ate something bad outside.

There is no veterinarians today cause it's Saturday, I looked on the phone book but can't find a 24 hours orund or emergency.

Any suggestions that will make my kitty feel better temporarily? Thanks.
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I'm sorry about your kitty, but my only suggestion is find an emergency vet. Sounds like kitty may be in trouble and waiting could be life-threatening if he ate something outside.
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If you just call some vet numbers they probably have a message telling you the number of the emergency vet or on call vet in your area.

The breathing part sounds scary so do try to get him in for a visit!!
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Can you call your regular vet? Sometimes they will have an answering service that will page them in event of an emergency and they will meet you at their office. Or try any of them in the phone book if you're really worried! Hope you can find help somehow...
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I too strongly urge you to get Scuffy to the emergency vet. It sounds as if he may be in need of prompt medical attention.
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Sorry, haven't been able to reply right away, been busy.

I took him to the vet and he says that Scuffy has a hairball stuck on his throth and he needs to throw it up but he has been fighting it. The vet did something and he threw up. He had hairball before but it wasn't as bad.

Thanks for the replies.
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Hope your kitty continues to improve.
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