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Photo of my new baby that I am SO worried about....

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Here is a photo that I took of our new little guy when he first arrived last night. He has gotten me on pins and needles because he is ill and I have to wait until tomorrow to get him to the vet. UGH!
This will be one long night...

Hope it comes out...

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First off don't stress about it. It may be nothing at all, and if you are stressed, your kitty will pick this up and he will be stressed. There are a couple of things you can check, one is the color of his gums- they should be pink and happy and not pale or bright red. Also gently grab him by the scruff of the neck and pinch lightly, then let go.If the scruff stays up, then kitty is dehydrated and may just need fluids. You can give him Pedialyte or Gatorade by syringe or eyedropper if you need to but you need to give this to him slowly or you could flood his lungs. Just drip it in his mouth a little at a time IF his scruff is staying up and he needs the fluids.

Did you take his temperature? That is another way of determining if kitty is ill. His normal temp would be around 101.5` anything higher would be a concern.

Let him go to sleep in the darkest spot you can find. Sick kitties regenerate themselves this way when they can. Good luck with him, I am sure he will be fine. I only mentioned the Calici Virus as it was the first one that came to my mind when you talked about foaming.

BTW your cow kitty is cute!
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Well, I go back and forth with the worry. I got a bit worried again a couple of hours ago. But, after that, I woke him up to get a good look and to see if he was thirsty (though I know that cats don't actually need to drink a horrendous amount of liquid anyway...I was just checking, because I had once adopted a cat who we brought home and found out it was completely dehydrated! I don't want that to be an issue with this one).

After I woke him, he got up, wandered around a bit and acted completely normal again. My husband and I left for awhile and when we got back, my son told me that he had been up and about almost the whole time since we left. He ate great again and checked things out, purred, etc. He hasn't sneezed or anything for several hours. He has absolutely no discharge in his eyes or nose. SO, my conclusion about him is that he is a complete nocturnal kitten! I am not saying that he may not have something that needs attending, but as far as him snoozing all day long...The people that we got him from we found out left him outside like almost all the time..so, with the heat, he probably slept all day and was up at night more when it was cool. Anyway, just a thought. He seems so little...I would never have left him outside all of the time myself..but then, the whole situation wasn't ideal and that is why I ended up being able to adopt him in the first place!

I think taking his temp. would be a good idea. I will check his gums. I have been doing the skin lift thing during the day since that is my obsession right now:-)...him getting dehydrated. So, anyway, thanks for your post. Thanks also for the compliment on my cow kitty. I have to say I am partial to black and white cats and when I saw him....well, it was love at first sight!!! I am lucky to have him....From where he came from, I hope he feels lucky to have us too.

Take Care!
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Your new kitten is really cute! I haven't had any kittens in my home for almost eleven years now. I seem to remember that the kittens I had in the past needed a lot of sleep when they were really small like yours is, and seemed to be more nocturnal. When they got a little older their sleep requirements changed and they seemed to be better adjusted to our household routine.

I hope everything goes well when your kitten is seen by the vet.
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The kitten is really cute...I hope it will be okay. Let us know what the vet has to say.
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How is your kitty? Hope the vet visit went well. He is adorable!
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That is one adorable kitten. I hope everything is ok with him. He is a real doll.
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He looks a lot like my Merlin - hopefully he isn't a troub;e maker like Merlin is! I hope everything is ok with him!

BTW - what is his name?
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Catmommy this is your son of corse. You need to get rid of this post. It now has no meaning.
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Maybe son, but the photo is sooooo cute!


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What a cute kitty! Does he have a name? I hope that it turns out that nothing is wrong with him and that he is ok.
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ya it does Vash.
plz look at my other posts.
And plz do the poll i made about black and white cats.
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Oh..Oh..Oh...My Doodness ..(Slang for Goodness)
WHAT a Sweet Kitten!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad you are going to the vet tomorrow....just say a little prayer for the little guy and love on him tonight. Poor baby.

I'm sure you know this, but remember that cats are so resilient. (Prior to building my cat enclosure ) my little Peanut went missing for 4 days. He was trapped in someone's garage and he drank Freon while he was in there.

I did not know that he was in bad shape until the next day at the vets...he was on his way to major "kidney" failure. The way I found him was sad—he just came crawling home to me one night after all those hot days in that garage.

The night I found him, he slept on my chest and I sang to him and loved on him told him how much I loved him all night. (He worried me sick, too) I swear that made him stronger. (Not discounting the Vet, of course)

Anyway, in addition to a visit at the vet..I think that your kitty will respond to your affection, too. Peanut survived this incident with lots of love and caring...and now, I have to say, he's the MOST ROTTEN cat I OWN! (Mommy's boy) He knows......

I'll say a prayer for your kitty!!!!!!!!!
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