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Elegant Kitten Dinette Set

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God I had a little blast at the Dollar Tree today. I've been on the lookout for little dishes; getting tired of washing the same ones all day since I feed my kittens three times a day plus treat them, often from their bowls.

So I got a few bamboo placemats like you see in the pics. A two-pack of fabric trivets and the dishes. They had two blue and a pink so of course I had to buy these...I have two boys and Pixel the girl.

I was going to put their plates on the trivets, like little placemats for them, but they let me know they wanted to sit on them so they are now their "chairs." Total cost of dinette set shown: $4

Of course they don't have water in this area; that's because on the other side of the island is their CatIT fountain. I am losing it, people...

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I love it! How perfect.
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That is so sweet. Love their new chairs, too !!!!! LOL
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Oh toooo cute! I love the chairs!!!! Next time I go to the dollar store I know what I'll be doing!
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That is sooo cute!!!! I love the little kitty chairs
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Yes, and this morning they were both sitting on them waiting for breakfast.

Keeps them out from under my feet.

(Psst: The Dollar TREE here where I live has cute dishes--and every item really is one dollar only. For two chairs for a buck I got a couple extra so I can change them out while washing. I knew there had to be at least ONE person here who would like this idea.)
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thats great, i love their little sitting mats!
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Uh oh. It occurs to me we can do themes. Maybe put out little dipping sauce dishes, Asian style. Put a leaf down like a napkin next to their place setting with some cat nip on it for an after dinner treat....
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That's so lovely! What spoiled kitties, and it looks as if they really like it! Your babies are definitely dining in style!
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Adorable!!! I love the little ice cream dishes. And of course they had a different plan for the mats than you did.

Just be careful to make sure the dishes don't have lead in the glaze. The cheap ones at Wal-mart usually do, and probably at the dollar stores too. I bought a bunch of dishes once and had to throw them all out because they had lead.
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Oh thank you SO much ZMom! Let's see, Royal Norfolk is made in china. Says Hand wash only and Not suitable for microwave...I suppose I could do some checking on it but I figure since they are from the dollar store they probably are a problem so we will put them away for now. Trying to keep them healthy not make them sick.

I really do appreciate that!
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