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Is my kitten blind?

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Okay, my cat had kittens about 5 days ago. It was a litter of four. One of them seems to have something wrong with it's eyes. The other three have their eyes closed because obviously kittens are born blind and they don't open them until awhile. Back to the problem, one of the kittens has had it's eyes slightly open and it appears there is something wrong her. Is this normal? Is she going to be blind? Should we go take her to a vet?
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What do you mean by "something wrong with her?". I'm sure the eyes are ok. I've had some that seemed to be slightly open but that doesn't mean they will be blind.

What is the kitten doing or not doing that worrys you?
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I've just never experienced this before. I was alarmed that it's only happening to one kitten.
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Kittens are blind sometimes for a few days after opening their eyes. The iris' haven't formed yet. They will appear almost a little cloudy and not quite right. I thought they looked a little unnerving myself. It is completey normal. After a few days they will begin to see. I know my kittens were blind after they opened their eyes and a few days later they seemed able to focus on my finger. It takes a while to develop depth perception and focus. Kittens will also open their eyes at different times. I had one girl open her eyes 2 days before her siblings started to. It was a full 5 days later when the last one caught up to her.

I wouldn't take the kitten to the vet unless there was a sever problem (pussy seepy eyes). Even then I would call first. Exposing such a young kitten to the vet clinic is not a good idea unless an emergency.
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Try to keep her partially opened eye clean....some warm saline water will work on a tissue- be careful not to scratch her eye when cleaning it. Just keep it clean a few times a day...she should be just fine I would take her into the vet asap though just to rule out any possible illness
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any updates?
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