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My girls are generally pretty easy to get in their carriers, but cry pitifully on the drive to the vet. Fortunately it's only five minutes from our house. Once there, they're scared, but well behaved.

It's the most traumatic for Peter. I literally have to tear the house apart, flip the matress, pull the furniture out from the walls, get ahold of him. Before our last visit in June, he actually climbed up inside one of the recliners and I had to turn it upside down to get him out. Once in the carrier, he's silent and scared stiff. Neither the vet, tech or I could get him out of his carrier during his most recent check-up, so we had to remove the top of the carrier for him to be examined. He's known around the vet's office as the "petrified cat" because he goes still when anyone but me touches him. After we get home, he hides for hours.
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Tavia flips out. She doesn't like going anywhere she would much rather be at home with her mommy and her dogs and her papaw (my dad calls her his grandcat). She cries the whole way and will sometimes pee she gets so scared. And she claws the vet every single time. Amazingly if I try to help she doesn't claw me she saves it for the vet and his techs. But I always try and give her pouch food when we get back.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I hate it when I have to take Reilly to the vet. It takes both Jeff and I to get him into the carrier (he is far too smart to fall for any tricks )

As soon as he goes into the carrier he pees everywhere, which is why I line the cage with those "absorbent puppy pads", sometimes he'll even do a #2 on the way to the vet and he cries throughout the whole car just breaks my heart

Once we arrive at the vet though, Reilly won't stay still, he wants to explore while the vet is trying to examine him.
Mew, you might want to look into this product

Some of these stories break my heart. It shouldn't be a major problem to take a kitty in a carrier to the vet. The only thing my ferals do on the way to the vet, is some of them meow. If you take a dark cloth, spray the underside with Feliway Spray and put that over the carrier while in transport the stress reactions, vomiting, eliminating etc, will be reduced.

Thank you for the information guys. It has been extremely helpful.
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We've unfortunately had to take them to the vet many times in the less than 2-years we've had them. (URIs, scooting issues, etc.) For Chloe it's a traumatic experience. She cries when we take her down to the car and then quiets down, huddling in the crate. I hate it.

Iris doesn't like being locked in the crate, but she's a total people person and loves to explore new places, so she doesn't seem to mind the vet as much. Though she HATES getting her temp checked.

Neither of them make a mess or anything, so that's good I guess. It seems to stress Chloe more than Iris, but they're usually back to their old selves shortly after getting home. We give them treats whenever we get back.
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Mine get upset and hide as close as they can to me...but afterwords they're fine. So no, no real trauma here.
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Gus hates the carrier and hates being taken out of his home. It takes the two of us to get him into the carrier. On the way there he meows as loud as he can. When we're at the vet, it both of us to get him out of his carrier. Once he's out, he'll wedge himself in between the both of us or find somewhere to hide. Everytime he's put on the exam table, he tries to jump into my lap. There's only been two times when he's been taken to the vet and "accepted" it... when he had a Upper Respiratory Infection and also when he hurt his foot. I always fee really bad for having to take him to the vet. I know he hates it and it causes a lot of stress on him.
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Thanks Hissy, this is an interesting topic. Would Feliway spray help Villy? She cries all the way there and back and is visibly nervous, you can sometimes see her shaking, she occasionally pants and she always has sweaty paw pads. Interestingly, when my SO took her to the vets (he is much calmer than me) she was a bit better. I obviously give off nervous vibes which make her worse. I'm not sure that putting a dark cloth over her carrier would work as she loves to look out and see what's around.
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Mine pretty much just meow the whole time. Cajun is the only one who turns into a monster at the vet. Otherwise they just sit in their carriers and endure.
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Lily being timid, bites, scratches, and hisses the entire time. She actually bit the vet. Twitch just meows calm as can be, taking in her surroundings. Ophelia urinates and sprays everwhere, and does her normal "I don't like to be held" thing. Damita beats herself up in her carrier and gives herself a bloody nose, while Chico hides under Damita's big tummy.
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Oliver could care less. Doesn't mind the car ride, doesn't mind the vets and is his usual laid back self.
Emma is a chore to get into her carrier and is silent in the car and in the waiting room, but once in the examination room she turns into a holy terror, so much so that we now have to sedate her straight away before the vet can so much as take her out of the carrier! She's very little but very LOUD and quite the meanie at the vets!!!
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Bumper cries, his nose gets really pink and his fur flies everywhere but he generally quiet well behaved, he may walk a few feet and sniff stuff while waiting but thats it

Magnum runs in circles howling in his cage, needs to be dragged out by 4 people, held down by said 4 people so he wont bite or scratch and is generally a complete pain in the

Boomer isn't great in a cage, he wants to walk around but if we do let him out he gets scared and manages to work his way under the front seats and is impossible to get out. Once at the vet he just sits in my lap looking depressed wondering when we can go home but is an angel for everyone (he just likes to make me feel bad for doing such a thing to him)

Scully used to cry and run around in his cage also, but once he got to the vet he would be so scared he would poop on the examining table, with his new vet (and after getting used to the shorter ride there after a lot of vet visits in the past few months) he is very patient. We don't usually have to wait in a waiting room so he plomps his butt down in the window seat and waits for the vet int he examining room. Then he gives everyone kisses etc... he can still be a pain to get out of the carrier at times though
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Magnum runs in circles howling in his cage, needs to be dragged out by 4 people, held down by said 4 people so he wont bite or scratch and is generally a complete pain in the

No Not Magnum that handsome boy
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Well, the 1st time we took her to the vet she didn't cry at all in the car, or while we were there..... till the vet stuck her with a needle, then she started with the meowing.... and now she doesn't ever want to even go outside.... she will desperately try to claw her way to the door to get back in. It's like she's hip to their tricks.
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mine are all similar - they complain, loudly, all the way there. then, silence, for the most part, after we arrive.
Pixel turns into Miss Submissive, hiding her head under my arm whenever possible, but never fighting.
Java & Cable explore the exam room [actually, they did this the last time we went... things may change next time - Cable's due for a visit in the near future for her yearly shots... we'll see]
Chip hasn't been since i got him, but on the way home from adoption he complained loudly & defecated in the carrier i don't expect vet visits to be much fun.
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Funny this topic came up now. It's vet season for me and this weekend it was Emmie and Missy's turn. I had yowling in stereo all the way there. They were both very good with the vet but Missy had peed in her crate so they bathed her. Missy was great with the bath which really shocked me as I haven't bathed them since they were kittens. The ride home was much quiter, just a meow or two.
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Well, the only one of my current bunch that I have taken to the vet is Pandora and she screamed the whole way there, but then she screamed the whole way home from picking her up, I know Antigone must have had a headache when we finally arrived home so I think with her she just is not a fan of car rides, and then when we got to the vet, it was her chewing an clectrical cord and shocking the crap out of herself, they rushed in to the back ASAP so I don't know how she did. Simon was very friendly, he would rub himself all over the vet and tech, purr up a storm, explore the examination room,he was a very good boy although he hollered in the car too
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Both cats like their cat carriers and sleep in them when they're left out, so getting them into the carriers isn't an issue. During the car ride Spike cries and yowls for the entire trip; Oz is pretty much silent, but he tries to stand in his carrier (there's plenty of room) and gets motion sick. He'll eventually lie down and look around, although he can't see out of the window (it's too high up and he weighs too much for me to lift both him and the cat carrier up so that he can get a view).

At the vet, Spike is pathetic. He slinks around the exam room, belly low to the floor, and hides whenever he gets the chance. He is completely silent, doesn't hiss or cry or growl, and when he gets picked up and placed on the exam table, he tries to make himself one with the table-top. He doesn't bite or claw, he just tries to disappear. It's the saddest thing in the world, because our vet is so sweet to him and normally he's such a people-person that I would have expected him to enjoy the fuss made over him.

Oz, on the other hand, is king of his world and he knows it. He struts out of the cat carrier like he owns the vet office, saunters up to the vet and demands to be adored, and watches the birds they have in a cage on the counter. Sometimes the vet can't hear his heartbeat because he's purring so loudly! He doesn't like to be poked or prodded, but he puts up with it because he always gets loved on afterwards -- by the vet, by the vet tech, by random people taking their own cats to the clinic ... He's very smug about the whole thing.

We usually try to bring both cats together, because Oz has a calming effect on Spike. Although Spike is scared, he seems to think that if Oz is okay with the whole situation, it can't be too bad. (It was the same way when we moved into our new apartment. Spike was terrified, and Oz did a few laps of the apartment, concluded it was all his, and took a nap.)
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