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Stanley has a taste for furniture, power cords, window sils, door frames....

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I'm at a loss...
My fiance and I share a home that you would swear houses at least 7 teething pitbull puppies... but no, we lay claim to only two indoor kitties: Stanley (1yr old neutered male) and Lucy (4mo old female).
Stanley is a pretty puzzling little feline. My fiance and I rescued him from the animal shelter when he was about 5mo. old. From day one we knew he was a little different, and I suppose thats why we unthinkingly raised him more like a puppy than a kitten. He doesn't seem to be afraid of much of anything, strutting staight up to house guests and even dogs that hes never met either to groom them or to pounce at them and try to incude them into play. I must admit, we do play a little rough with him, but he demands it. His favorite games include wrestling, fetching bottle caps, chasing and being chased, and the always popular kitty bed toss. Of course we would never hurt him, and he always comes running back for more, or pouts when noone will play with him. He has never once scratched or bitten (in a non playful nip kind of way) either of us, I've only heard him hiss once (at a power cord that he tripped over), and medicine, nail trims, and even monthly baths and shave downs go over without complaint or opposition.
The one behavior that I cannot seem to do anything about his his chewing. Its a tick that he has always had. Wood seems to be his favoite (my antique bedroom furniture from my grandmother was no exception) but really anything will suffice. He has chewed books to peices, destroyed more than one X-box controler, and even gone after a metal table! Every window sill corner in our house is no more than a nub, and the high speed internet cable that we laid just friday afternoon has already had to be replaced.
We've tried the sprays from pet stores to try to discourage him, but that only seems to serve as a seasoning. I've tried pepper and citrus as well, but as I've said (and yes I know this is our own fault) hes always been treated more like a puppy in that he's no stanger to table food (mexican is one of his favorites)... the pepper made things worse.
Any suggestions?
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You could get the cat some chew toys (dog toys if necessary). There is also a stick-like treat from Japan that they use instead of catnip. Whatever you give Stan, I'd get him away from the antique furniture and give him something acceptable instead. (and cut back on the table food--it won't be good for him.)
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you need to be really careful of the wood!! he could swallow a piece and have it lodged in this throat! we had a kitten come in with splenters in its mouth and throat because the owner thought it was cute to give them popsicle sticks to 'play' with and leave the firewood by the fireplace to chew on. have you had stanley's teeth checked? could this be his gums itching or teeth coming in or absessed? might be an idea to take him in for a teeth check and get him some toys he can chew on. when he goes for the naughty things don't tell him off just show him the new toy he can chew and praise him. keep doing this till he gets the hint. also get the cables in order mate... put them in cable tidy holders so they aren't tripped on, chewed or a play pen behind your computer/tv/desk. as for the furniture try wrapping some tin/aluminium foil on the places he chews see if that keeps him off it. if it doesn't remove it immediatly.
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When they chew wood it is usually a health issue. I would get him to the vet and have them run a CBC and urnine analysis to be sure he doesn't have a health issue brewing.
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He's been having some health issues lately. Fortunetly I work for a vet, so Stan has come to work with me a few times in the past few weeks. He has a UTI right now and a slight allergic reaction to the Clavamox only made things a little worse with the chewing. Ane believe me, my boss has heard all about the chewing as well; his behavior modification suggestions have helped a little bit, but the real problem seems to be that this is Stan's all purpose nervous tick: an obsessive compulsive type behavior. He seems to do it when he's bored, when he's mad, when he's being defiant, etc. He has more toys than he know what to do with, and the recent addition of his new favorite chew toy (his little "sister") has him occupied 24-7, but still he chews. I've tried the tin foil thing too...he chewed the tin foil. His greatest moment was getting a hold of a super glue bottle my fiance had left on the counter for just a moment and gluing half of his mouth shut from chewing on it. (yeah, I know, I know... don't worry, my boss knows about that too... a professional was consulted) The point is, it doesn't matter what it is, what it tastes like, what noises it makes, is fair game as far as he is concerned.
I had my boss look at his teeth last week and he'll have a dental with his annual in Dec., but honestly, my biggest concern is that he's going to electricute himself.
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I used to have a cat that chewed electrical cords. Nothing would stop her from doing it. Even when she got an electrical shock that threw her across the room, she wouldn't stop. She lived to a ripe old age of 18, even though every electric cord in my parents house was destroyed, and taped up with electrical tape.
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Get some Bitter Apple Spray and put it on the stuff he's chewing on - 9 out of 10 cats/dogs will never chew on the stuff again
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i agree with the bitter apple, stoli HATES it.
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bitter apple or clear nail polish or even nail polish remover! they HATE that. especially when it's fresh.
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