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Meet Soda Pup!

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I was at the cat rescue this morning.. when we got a call about a small puppy. Someone found him wandering the country roads.

Now, we don't usually take dogs in because we don't have the housing for them. And we can't afford to board them either. But we do take in puppies sometimes.. because they are small enough to be crated at the centre until a foster home is found for it.

We told the lady to bring him in right away.

I was so shocked when I saw him... he was missing fur all over his body Scabs, and stinky scaley skin all over.

We rushed him right up to the vets. Afte doing three skin scrapings, the vet figures it sarcoptic mange.
He gave us a special shampoo, and a few packs of Revolution.

We gave him the bath right away, and set up a cage in an area where there are never any cats. The vet wants him on a solitary confinement for 2 weeks. If the vet gives the go ahead, I plan on taking him home to hopefully have him housebroken for his adoptive family.

We named Him Soda Pup. ( I call him my Cream Soda Pup )

here's a few pictures of him.

Warning, these are a bit graphic to some people.

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the poor baby. thanks so much for taking him in! I am sure he'll be better in no time!
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Oh poor baby! Thank you for taking him in. I hope and pray that he recovers and can find a permanent loving home.
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Oh that's so sad what a shame. I can't beleive what some poor animals have to go through, why do people even get them and not take care of them or make sure there safe, so sad, poor baby
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Oh my god that poor baby!
Thank goodness you guys have taken him in and I'm sure he'll get better quickly with the love and attention he needs.
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Oh my goodness, what in the world happened to this little fellow?? I just want to hold him in my arms and tell him everything is going to be ok........
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Thank you for helping little Soda Pup. Poor baby.
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ooh poor baby. He definately looks like a very kind soul, i love his face! when he's all fixed up he really will be beautiful!

well done & thanks for helping lil cream soda pup!
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Oh that poor baby!!!! He is so lucky that you have taken him in. I will keep Soda Pup in my prayers and send him {{{{{ Healing vibes}}}}}
Please keep us posted on his progress.
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awr the poor little baby, he looks so sad.. .good thing a kind person took him to the vets
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Here's some new pictures taken today. You can already see such a difference.. not only in te way he looks.. but he alsot looks happier too.

Him laying on my belly

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Aww, little puppula looks soo much better already! What a sweet little face. I hope he finds a great forever home and is spoiled rotten for the rest of his life!
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auw he's adorable! look at the size of that nose! i want him!
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What a sweetheart!

He has such a handsome face, I know he'll be such a beautiful guy when he's all better! That nose of his is hard to resist as it is

You arel doing a wonderful job taking care of him and I love his name!
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He is adorable. Thank you for taking care of him!
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Poor baby! Bless his heart! I'm soo glad he has you looking after him now He will be alright Keep up the great work!
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Any updates on Soda Pup ? He looked so sad in that first pic. Poor baby .... I hope hes doing much better now .
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he's looking better.
i bet he escaped from some evil place where someone neglected him and didnt love him. Yay for his escape I say..YAY!!!

hope he gets a home..he's cutie
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What a cute puppy! My uncle rescued/took a pure breed English Bulldog from someone in the town we lived in that was looking very similar to your sodapup. The guy had him chained in his yard and was obviously not feeding him and he rarely had water. He had bad mange with the scabs too. My grandpa told the guy that if he didn't take care of his dog then he was going to take him. He didn't and my grandpa took him. The guys never said anything about the dog since (he obviously didn't care in the first place) and Butch is now in a loving home. It's so sad to see an animal is such bad condition. I hope Cream Soda Pup is doing well!
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Bless him and bless you for taking him in. He looks so sweet......
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I have no pictures for you guys today.. I'll try and get some in for ya tomorrow

He's doing very well. He acts like a puppy now. (I forgot what that was like! Holy man... )
He is using the paper MOST of the time.. but he does have the odd accdent off the paper.

I am rewarding him extremely everytime he goes outside.. and he's gotten to the point that he now goes almost once he gets out the door.. so he get get all the extra lovin and treats.

He was back at the vets a few days ago.. had a bath again and was treated with Revolution again. He does have quite a bit of hair growth already.

And in the two weeks that he had seen the vet, and then went back, he went from 13lbs to 20lbs!

He is going to be a big boy, beautiful boy in a few weeks.

He has been adopted but is waiting for the vets approval before he can leave his quarentine..
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That is wonderful news!!! He has such an angel face!!
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The pictures aren't too great.. my battery was dying and he just won't sit still

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awww, he looks so much better! any more news?
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