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Someone Help ?

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I got an email from a guy I dont know how he got my email i am yet to figure thsi out.. anyway he has a farm and found a litter of kittens about 4-6 weeks old the mama cat was killed. He has found homes for all but this one all black male ( i am a SUCKER FOR A BLACK CAT) and with the shelter situation in rhode island right now and considering this baby is feral his chances arent good.. so i agreed to take him. I am expecting Fleas and worms. What else can i expect? I am not sure how he looks yet and if he will be requiring KMR. I know for the fleas someone mentioned dawn soap is this right? I will have to keep him COMPLETELY seperated from my girls until he is vet checked. What else can i do?
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Yes, no matter how cute he is, keep him away from your kitties. That is wonderful that the guy is finding them all homes!

Be sure to wash your hands when going from your kitties to the newbie, and also wash them again after you visit with him. A 4 week old kitten will likely need KMR, and possibly a bottle. At 6 weeks, you can just pour a little KMR over the kitten kibble. And do get that vet appt asap!
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yes, dawn dish soap is GREAT for fleas!!! i used it on Prue when she was about 5 weeks old. i gave her a warm water bath with it. i let the soap sit on her for 3 minutes, rinsed then repeated. worked perfectly!!!! also, they say Irish spring soap works too.

as for probelms, basically being scared/skiddish, worms and fleas will prob be your biggest problems. i would if your able, take him in for a vet check as soon as your able, just to make sure he is good heath.
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First off, when you get the kitten home- your main priority should be to keep it warm- offer it a small heating pad with a warm blanket over it (never let a kitten lay directly on a heating pad ) Once the kitten is warm and cozy, then offer it formula. At that age, kitten should be seen by a vet asap and dewormed with Strongent (otc remedies do NOT work ). Also potential problems such as ringworm (look for signs of balding and scabs), upper respiratory infections (sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes), and feline herpes (goopy eyes, discharge, nose infection,...)...etc..could be present, so do keep the new kitten seperated from you animals until a vet can check it out. Also when the kitten is the appropriate age, it will need to be tested for feline aids and feline leukemia and spayed/neutered. / I really applaud you for stepping up and offering to take in the little kitten She/He is lucky to have you! Also, at 4-6 weeks you do need to offer the kitten KMR or a similiar formula and baby food (turkey or chicken ...can be feed from a dropper or offered in a low dish that the kitten can reach- if the kitten fills up quickly off of that, i suggest introducing soft food- i really like using the Wiskas pouches in the Pate' style- it's easier for young kittens to eat. Also, you should be giving the kitten milk at the same time as the food so that you don't wean it too soon. When you begin to offer the kitten soft food from a dish and it eats it successfully, also offer water as well. ) At that age, the kitten should be able to use a litter pan with no problems. I suggest getting a small no-stick cookie tray (they work better with small kittens and are easy for them to get in and out of, and filling it with a safe, non-toxic kitty litter such as Swheat Scoop- that way if the kitten trys to "taste" the litter, you won't have to rush it to the vet with a stomach blockage ) Good luck hun! Keep us posted! If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me
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... gradually start introducing the kitten to baby
food if you see that it is nursing well from the bottle with kitten formula....specifically Gerber or Del Monte- the ingredients in them seem to do better with kittens than some of the other baby food i've tried, and i have
tried quite a few...Get the Gerber or Del Monte in the Stage 1 jars. I suggest using Turkey, Beef, or Chicken- make sure it is meat!!!....cats are
carnivorious...and i would suggest not using Ham because it can upset the kitten's stomach. Try letting the kitten lick a little bit of the baby food off your fingers, if it nurses well off your finger, then find a syringe and feed the kitten baby food through that. Once it is ready for a bowl,then put it in a small, shallow dish...i suggest warming the baby food to room temperature/body temperature---remember cats are natural
killers, and they prefer their cusine to be "blood temperature" as it
would be if it were fresh kill.- i've never meet a kitten that didn't
like baby food! Once the kitten begins
eating more baby food and less milk, then introduce it GRADUALLY to
soft food while you're beginning to wean it off the milk. However, do not stop giving it milk completely, remember, everything should
be a gradual transistion so as not to upset the kitten's stomach & digestive tract..., once the kitten is ready for a bit more of a challenge, try moving it off of the baby food and introducing it to soft kitten food- i personally
prefer the Wiskas Pouches - in the Pate' style, they stay fresh and i've found that the majority of my foster kittens loved them, however...use whatever kitten soft food you feel most comfortable with...keep giving the kitten a little milk while making the transition, but work it up so that it's eating
more soft food than it is are drinking milk. Then, when the kitten is ready for
an even yummier challenge, i would suggest buying some Wiskas kitten
milk or KMR ...heating it up a bit and mixing it with Purina Kitten
Chow...until the consistancy is that of a kitten "mush"....allow the kitten to
begin to eat that. It will give it a taste for solid food, while slowly
adjusting them off of the formula. Then when the kitten is ready, you should
gradually transistion it off of the kitten "mush" and onto solid
Purina Kitten Chow.....remember...slowly and gradually is key! That is the
best way i've found to wean kittens without upsetting their digestive
tracts or weaning them too soon, and It has worked very well for all of
my former and present foster kittens.I hope that helps you when the
time is right....if you need anything else, feel free to let me know,
You and your furbabies are in my thoughts today!
Best of Wishes!

Also- i highly recommend you visit www.kitten-rescue.com .It is a wonderful site with volumes of information about fostering orphan kittens.

Also, another side note, at 4-6 weeks, the kitten should be feed 4-5 times a day. It should recieve 8cc 's of formula per ounce of body weight. It is normal for a 4 week old kitten to weigh around 8-10 ounces, so for example, an 8 ounce kitten should recieve 64cc's of formula per day. If it weighs more- feed it more accordingly.. Most small kitchen scales are accurate. Weigh the kitten around the same time every day to see if it's gained weight - Also, remember to always feed the kitten on it's all 4's never on it's back, so as not to get fluid into it's lungs and result in pnemonia. Good luck! I'm rootin for you!
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Originally Posted by Jaclyn4238 View Post
I got an email from a guy I dont know how he got my email i am yet to figure thsi out..
Just wanted to say that is how it always seems to go for me. Who knows where these people hear of me from. Actually it turns out that I had the police department giving out my name as someone who rescues cats...
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Any updates?
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I have been so busy i havent had a minute to update. The man with the kitten never returned my emails or phone calls...I dont know if he gave the kitten to a rescue or god only knows? But I am very irritated that he never called to say what was going on either way I had put everything on hold and I stocked up on KMR, Petco was having a spectacular sale some kits were selling for 5 others were selling for 10 dollars... well in any case i have it if i ever need it!
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Sorry you haven't heard back from him yet. I hope the kitten is ok. I agree with you on stocking up- hehe, i always do when i notice a sale on baby food or baby wipes as well as kitten food. I bet you're stressed out! I'm sending you lots of good vibes!
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