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Dylan and Wit have been adopted!

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Two of my 3 foster kittens who started life outdoors and wild, have been adopted. Dylan was adopted by a family with 2 little girls, which is great because he was so good with my kids! Almost like the cat in Charlie Brown, Dylan was happy to be carried around by a kid all day!

Wit was so skittish when we got him, I really doubted he would tame enough to be adoptable. He went to a family who recently adopted 3 kittens from my agency, and lost one to possible liver failure. So he will have 2 other kitty siblings, which is very important. Wit went from "don't touch me" to craving affection and love. So he needs kitties to cuddle with, and people to love on him. He is such a purr meister!

And my third boy Eugene will be staying at a new foster home with some other kittens. We usually don't keep one kitten alone...but I miss my boys! Totally crazy, because I have another batch of kittens in my cat room! (They haven't had vaccinations yet, so Eugene couldn't be put in with them!) I have 4 newborns, and 6 kittens that are 2-3 months old. And a preggers girl...so why do I feel like something is missing?!?

I am very happy for Wit and Dylan (aka Dilly Bar). Really, I am so glad they found a home. But I will also miss them and Eugene!
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Congrats Beckiboo, Dylan and Wit!
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Good job!!
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That's wonderful!!!!! I'm sooo glad to hear that they got a home . Sounds like you have your hands full with all of the little furbabies in your kitten room! I'm soo glad to hear that they have you looking after them Those little angels are lucky to have you Keep up the great work!!!
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Congrats on finding them homes. i am sure the 'missing feeling' will die down soon!!
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Thanks, Satai, Tricia, Nikki, and Booktigger. The more I foster, the harder it is to say good bye.

I'm sure I will feel better about it soon...but for today I still really miss little Wit. The kids are fine...dd just said, "We have plenty of cats." I guess I just haven't spent enough time with the newbies yet, to really bond with them.

I do appreciate all the support. Thanks!
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How are the new foster kittens doing? Are you feeling any better today? Sometimes it helps me to remember that the more i foster and place in wonderful forever homes, the more i am able to help. If i keep every little angel that walks through my door, i will run out of space and money to help other kitties that may one day need my help I'm sending you lots of vibes today! I undersand how difficult it is to let go of a foster kitty that you've become soo attached to.
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poor you, and how odd that you are finding it harder the more you foster, i thought it would be the other way round. Mind you, I am odd and dont really tend to get that upset when my fosters are rehomed, I do miss them, and if I dont get another foster straight away i find it odd as my routine is all out of sync, and I find myself wandering into an empty cat room quite a lot.
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