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How many cats do you have?

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How many cats/kittens do you have? Do you live in a house apartment? What do you think the max should be per household lol?
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I currently have 17, which is way to many for me! LOL! Only 4 are my pets that I plan to keep. I "lost" 3 kittens today, two got adopted and one went to another foster home. I own a large home, so space isn't a problem, but time to scoop litterboxes is. So is time for one on one attention.

I had two cats for a while, and the male (Garfield) had way too much energy for the female. He was always wanting to fight and scrap, and just plain annoy her. I added one female, who luckily takes all the abuse Garfield hands out, and comes back for more. Then my 4th is an in and out cat. He doesn't interact with the house cats much, just comes in for loving from me and dh! And my 5th is outside only.

Personally, I think 3 house cats is a good number. That seems to be the magic number for my group.
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Right now I have 2 cats and a dog - we live in our own house. But in the past I've had up to 6 adults with a litter of kittens (I never count kittens with the litter cause we sell them so they don't permantly stay. I have kept one or two from a litter.

I don't think there should really be a limit. It should be how many can you PROPERLY care for and give time to each one and afford vet bills, etc. For me, I didn't want to have more then 6 adults as I knew I could not give attention to more then that.

I know that many people have a lot more, but IMO they really were not well cared for (other then basic needs) and certainly didn't get the attention they should have had.
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I live in a home which is ours. We have 5 cats which is 1 adult and her 4 kittens. I agree with the previous post if you can PROPERLY take care of them such as vet care, food, grooming, spay/neuter I say have as many as you want. I plan on trying to foster in the next few months.
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I have 6 of my own cats and two strays (as well as a bunch of goldfish, a betta, a ball python, and 8 rats). And I am ALLOWED to have one pet in my apartment complex hehe.
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I have 4 cats, 1 rabbit, 1 wolf-german shepherd x, 2 bettas, a 10 gallon fishtank and an 80 gallon fish tank. All of my animals are fixed, including the rabbit, and all are indoors only. We live in a 2 bedroom duplex..and acutally do well on space . At the moment i also have 3 foster kittens i'm fostering around the clock . - i think 4-5 kitties is a good number...but you should never have more than you can adequately pay for and give attention too imo

At my boyfriends house, we have a collie/ australian shepherd mix named Fosters . Colin often lets me take my foster kittens to his house too He's great!
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Right now I just have Remy...but I am waiting for my new ragdoll kit to get older so i can bring him home. I think there shouldn't be a limit on pets as long as you have the space, and can care for them properly.
However, some towns have restrictions and its best to check before acquiring alot of pets.
If some vindictive person reported you ....they come and take them away.
Now , not too far from me a man (breeder) of ragdolls had all of his removed. They were being kept in despicable conditions. caged and dirty. I understand he has some of his cats back. HE shouldnt be allowed to have any cats and certainly shouldnt be allowed to breed them!!! okay maybe two! and he should get checked on frequently to make sure he is taking care of them.
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another thought that comes to mind...they should make special exemptions for those of you who do foster and rescue. there is a NEED for this type of care. And the cities should provide some sort of stipend to those who foster. It takes the burden off the over loaded pounds. My hat off to all of you who do this service from your heart!!! It takes a special person to do it.
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We have 2 - Harley & Davidson. Thats our max.... until we move into a house of our own!

At the moment, we are renting an apartment and I wouldn't dare think of getting another one!
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My two girlies plus a feral colony.
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i live in a small apt with my bf and just have one kitty. there's probably room for another, but Wonton disapproves of other cats in HIS home..plus i don't think the landlord would allow it. i think as long as you can take care of your cats and they're happy (and you have the space for it), theres no certain number you should stop at. if i lived in a big mansion and had tons of money, i'd probably own about 30 cats
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I acquired the majority of my pets after I decided to change careers, or I should say semi retire. (no, I'm not THAT old, I just don't need to work full time) Taking care of a large number of animals is pretty time consuming if done properly. I'd estimate it takes me about 3 hours a day at minimum just to feed and clean up aftem them, and when someone's got health issues...possibly the whole day. The amount of time and money you need to devote to your pets definitely increases as the number rises. So, how many pets is ideal for any one person can vary, IMO.

I have 14 cats, 1 dog, 1 donkey, a miniature horse, a llama and four fish. I own my own home on six acres that is mostly forested.

I work occasional weekends at a vet clinic to offset a portion of the veterinary expense, but still manage to run up some astronomical bills. I think my worst month was $800+.

While is does bother me that I don't have hours to devote to each individual cat every day, I do also consider that while I'm their *person*, (well, DH dotes over them too) I'm only a part of their life. I'm not the only thing that gives them love, enjoyment, exercise, etc. For example, the 11 cats who live in what I'll refer to as the cat barn have a social structure where they interact much like any family or community of people. They play, chase each other, groom their best friends, get into disagreements, etc. I'm just part of the picture, although my full attention and laptime is obviously a sought after, important part of their day. From a social standpoint, if I had only one cat that I couldn't devote enough time to I'd probably feel worse about it, if that makes sense...

When I lived in town I had four house cats plus a colony I cared for. My bestfriend, who still lives in town in her own home has three indoor cats, which is her limit.
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We have 5 and we currently live in a two-bedroom apartment, but when Erik deploys early 2007 I will be moving into a small two-story house in Cleveland (my dad owns properties he rents out, so I will be renting from him).

I don't think there's a particular max number that I can specify...but right now, we're at it. I wouldn't say it's crowded, because it's not, but I wouldn't add anymore. Figaro was an "impulse buy," lol, but it was a great decision. I think 5 is our max right now...and I think it will be for a while because when Erik moves to Cleveland with me after his deployment, we're going to be looking into getting a dog or two. THEN it would be crowded!
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6 cats a large dog and a couple of parrots in a two bedroom townhouse.

I do not think there should be a limit as long as all are happy, healthy and well adjusted.
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4 kitties in our house......I'd love to have one more.
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I have 4 right now and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have this many cats.It was Bella and me for so long and I never thought about blowing her mind and getting another one and the poor thing now there are 3 besides her!! She's still the Queen though. I think as long as you have the money and the room and the time to devote to them you can have as many as u want but I like to keep the number more on the low side myself just for relationship sakes with each of them! We have 5 bedrooms so they could all have their own if they wanted!!
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I have 4 in a largish 2 bedroom apartment, I think thats our limit until we move, then I want a kitten!
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I have 10 cats, 2 dogs and a rat in a single wide trailer! Lots of fur fun at my place
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4 wonderful dogs and 2 wonderful cats...
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1 cat, 1 turtle (in a HUGE aquarium), and a cockatiel (with her monstrosity of a cage). I live at home in my parents house since I go to college about 30 minutes away, but next fall I am transferring colleges to one that is three hours away, so it looks like I will be moving. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle student housing with the huge aquarium, plus the bird and Marishka...but I can't leave my babies for the next few years! It will take some uh, planning, to say the least.
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2 cats, I used to have 3 and I'd love to get another one, so far I haven't had much luck with that endeavor. I live in a one-bedroom apt that I own.
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I have 7 cats and 5 dogs. I rent a house and luckily my landlord doesnt care about my zoo.
Im also pretty lucky because all the dogs and cats love eachother and its one big happy fur family

Here is Sydney and House
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Originally Posted by Sydney View Post
I have 7 cats and 5 dogs. I rent a house and luckily my landlord doesnt care about my zoo.
Im also pretty lucky because all the dogs and cats love eachother and its one big happy fur family

Here is Sydney and House
aww..that's such a sweet picture!
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Originally Posted by Sydney View Post
I have 7 cats and 5 dogs. I rent a house and luckily my landlord doesnt care about my zoo.
Im also pretty lucky because all the dogs and cats love eachother and its one big happy fur family

Here is Sydney and House
That picture is just way too adorable!!
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We have 4 kitties, one adult and 3 kittens.
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I have 2. Which I am guessing is our max. I think Lee would have a fit if I even thought about asking for another! But we oun our home. Its big enough for atleast 5 cats and us! I think you can have as many cats as you can properly care for and have enough space for them to each have their own "room" that is "theirs" to get away from the others if they please.
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I have four cats and live in a large 2-bedroom apartment. That's my max, mostly because with one senior kitty (Katie) and one with heart disease (Peter), I want to be sure I can afford to give them the care they need.
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We have one, but we're getting another in a month or so. For now, two is the max we'll be getting- 650 sq ft apt and all- but I really want 5 once we have a house. I told my BF this and he freaked a little... but then I said hey, at least it's cats and not children! We'll probably get a dog or two eventually as well. We really want a beagle puppy, but we'll most likely end up adopting.
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I have one cat and one dog. And I live with my dad and he has a dog inside and two outside and my sisters dog stays with us. And he won't allow me to have another cat. Not even an outside barn cat.
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Well at the moment I have...gulp...eleven in my house. 2 are mine (Lucky and Rambo), then I have a 10 month old foster boy Albert, and 2 foster boys (6 mos) Bogey and Bandit. They all are introduced and interacting wonderfully together. Bogey, Bandit and Albert will be going up for adoption this weekend (fingers crossed). Then in the basement apartment I have a mom and her 5 girls (6.5 weeks old) - Mom Clementine - babies: Coco, Chiffon, Cindy Lou, Callie and Cleo. They will all be gone in the next 2 weeks as my tenant is moving into the basement apartment for the school year. So I'll be back to two.

I would love more, but with Rambo's ongoing illness I can't afford anymore at the moment.
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