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Spay or Neuter your cat(It's a wise thing to do)

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Very true!!!!
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Nice graphics...and really brings the point home about how many kitties can come from just a couple!
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I couldn't agree more. But I'm moving this to the health forum where it belongs. Let's keep the lounge for the chit chat

By the way, for more info about the benefits of spaying and neutering, you can read this article:
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Hehe speaking of that..did anyone see that PETA commercial about getting your pets spayed or neutered? It wasn't on long, it was banned...it was animatronic cats doing it all over the house..hehe.
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LOL-Sorry I missed that. Although I do remember seeing their website up about it called sex and the kitty.
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I totally agree with the process. There are so many strays running around out there (my farm included) that unless you are a breeder it is just a wiser choice to make. We had our kitty spayed and are so glad we did. The farm cat that we have out here just had four kittens and we found another momma cat out here last night with three. My husband won't let me spend the money to have all kitties and momma's checked out and have the momma's and female kitties (at appropiate age of course) spayed. I understand where he's coming from so I respect his decision. I'm just going to be buying a lot of cat food. But yes I am pro spaying and pro nutering.
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I have to say that I find this very frustrating. It really upsets me that people say "breeders" are ok. I'm get really tired of seeing countless stray cats showing up at my door plus all the ones I see in the cat rescue and the ones that are brought into the vet clinic. I cant stress this enough.... for every cat born whether it be through a breeder or through an irresponsible owner or ferals dozens and dozens of cats are euthanized in the shelters. Also, just because someone buys a pet from a breeder doesnt mean they will be responsible. Paying out money and responsibility dont necessarily go hand in hand. Now, I realize there are some breeders on this forum and I'm not trying to start an arguement...I just feel the need to state my own opinion (no flames please! ).I suppose for me, I just feel there is no excuse or need for breeding when we have so many animals languishing away as strays or in kill shelters. It puts a massive responsibility on humane societies, shelters, independent rescuers etc. who end up taking responsibility for other people's irresponsibility. Anyway, I can exhale now!
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When I said that "breeders are okay" I meant the resposible ones. I totally agree that if you want one or two cats, keep it at one or two cats and spay or neuter!! The stray cat I have out here on my farm adopted me, and I know the girl who used to own her. The girl couldn't take care of her so she dropped her cat off out here to fend for itself. She found me and she hasn't gone far since. I have kind of taken a liking to her. I am also trying to avoid an argument but I felt that I needed to specify that I didn't mean just anyone should be allowed to breed....I should have specified the responsible ones.
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Sparkycat, unfortunately the problem lies in the fact that there are a lot of people who don't believe that there ARE any responsible breeders...that ALL breeders are bad. It is of no consequence at all to them that a larger number of breeders than not do practice ethical and even more importantly, ~genetically safe~ animal husbandry, nor does it make the slightest difference to them that very clearly stated, strict contractual agreements exist between the breeder and their kitten-buyers ... and IMHO, this growing attitude is becoming downright frightening! As a breeder, I am made to feel as though I had showed up at a PETA protest wearing fur, carrying an alligator bag with matching shoes and inhaling a hamburger or something the way some folks go on and on about this!

I mean no offense to, nor am I pointing at any one particular individual here and I do NOT wish to become embroiled in some silly game of Who-Shot-John with anyone about it, but it just bothers me when I observe such obviously close-minded opinions like this.

To steer this back on topic, I agree that unless you are a responsible breeder, well-versed in the principals of genetics and skilled in the accepted techniques of ethical animal husbandry, then it is always a wise choice to spay or neuter.

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