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I've known about this forum for a while...just haven't had time to pop in until now.

We have a lot of cats (mostly rescues and a few "crap-we-should-have-got-that-cat-spayed-sooner" kitties ). Started out with Siamese and branched out from there. Every single one of them is special to us in its own way.

I also own a cat site (although it doesn't have nearly as many members as this one) at http://onebusycat.com/ Between running that site and a full time job it's a wonder I get any sleep.

Anyhoo...I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'm looking forward to joining in the conversations in the other forums.
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Welcome to you, Ron. Hope to see you posting often. Hope you enjoy our board and site.
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Welcome! Neat site, too.

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Welcome!! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here as much as the rest of us do!! Hope to see you posting often
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So nice to have you here.

I like your site too.
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Hi and welcome! We look forward to your posts!
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Welcome. Your site looks very well done and informative. I'll have to spend more time there and check it out. I look forward to getting to know you and your fur-family better!
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