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Friend for 12 year old lonely female?

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I'm new here...not sure if this is where to post this. I have a 12 year old female tabby named Sassy. About 3 weeks ago her buddy, Nico, died. Sassy is indoor only, but Nico insisted on going outside sometimes.
There are two problems. Sassy sits by the door and cries and waits for me to let Nico in. This is killing ME!
Second, my youngest daughter moved out and went to college last week, and Sassy Really misses her, too.
Poor Sassy
Should I get another kitty to keep her company? Male or female and what age? Our local shelter has many to choose from, but I don't know what to look for. Please help, as I want to do what is right for Sassy. I don't know if she'll get over being an only-cat.
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I'm so sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace Nico, God speed over Rainbow Bridge.

I think getting Sassy a companion would be a good idea - but I wouldn't recommend a kitten. An older cat, maybe 3-5 would be mature enough not to annoy Sassy but young enough to help keep her active. Male or female doesn't really matter, but do make sure you don't get a cat that's known to absolutely need a one-cat household.

If you decide to get a buddy for Sassy, remember to take time over the introductions (if you don't know how to do this, there are old threads about it and plenty of people here to advise), and remember that it won't be like having Nico back either for her or for you. It will take a little bit of time for your kitties to establish their relationship.
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Personally, I'd adopt a mellow laid back male and have him neutered. Females tend to be more territoral about and other female (in my experience) and at 12 yrs of age, you don't want stress.

Look for a quiet male kitten around 6 months old that's neutered.

My first cat was 10 yrs old when I got my first purebred - a 4 month old female Russian Blue. Mitten was fine with the kitten - he liked all cats and was not too annoyed by her antics
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I think you should adopt a male that is at least 3-4 years old. I believe a male kitten will be too energetic for a 12 y/o cat, and will simply annoy her! Call your local rescue. I'm sure they will have a loveable mature male who really needs a loving home with a feline companion.

I also suggest having a little talk with her...while she may not understand your words, she will understand your feelings. I'm sure you are both feeling pretty lonely right now.
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I certainly wouldnt go for a cat under the age of 18 months - I have oldies, and when I have fostered young cats, mine have been really irritated by them, as they didn't want to be bothered by playing all the time. And a male would prob be a better idea.
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On the other hand, younger cats can keep the older one "young". Ling (1 yr old) and Spooky (15 yrs old) are fine together. Ling actually gets Spooky to play with her and I know if she was not around, he'd be sleeping even more then he does now.

I think it depends on the cat's personality and how they accept other cats. Spooky's laid back and more accepting. But if this female has been ok with new cats in the past, shouldn't matter how old the new cat is - just as long as the kitten/cat is not to hyper
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Thanks for all of your thoughtful replies! I am convinced that a male would probably be best. Nico was the only male cat I've ever had, and she loved him.
I'll be careful to find a mellow guy that isn't an only-child type.
I know that no kitty can replace Nico, and don't expect that, but Sassy needs a cat buddy. She has a very mellow personality, but has raised 2 kids and is now alone.
She's also a big girl, weighing in at 20 pounds!
Thanks again for all of your help and suggestions. I'll let you know when we get a new family member.
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Funny, I'm in nearly the same situation!
I have a 12 year old girl who lived with other cats for 11 of her 12 years, and for the past few months she's lived alone with my brother, and was terribly lonely. My BF and I took her in and now we're looking for a medium aged laid back male kitty to keep her company
Good luck in your search! The good part is, most people want young cats or kittens, so finding an older one should be pretty easy!
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Originally Posted by Sierra_K View Post
I'll let you know when we get a new family member.
Please do! and welcome to the Cat Site!
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