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vanilla extract

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someone told me to use this as well when u get a new cat in the house. I was just wondering Wher eexactly do i put it ? just under every cats chin? And how much? Just a few drops?

Also is artifical vinilla extract just as good ?
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I've never heard of that before. I just use a feliway plug in to help keep villy calm.
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You can find information about vanilla extract in this thread

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Vanilla extract is a pretty commonly recommended way to introduce new cats. Put some under the chin and on the neck and back. Just a dab here and there. It is supposed to be Pure Vanilla Extract only but I have no idea why since the point is to make them smell the same so as I dont know why it can only be pure.

But I agree with the second post about Feliway. Get a couple to plug in as well as the vanilla and it should be okay. Expect hissing and growling and swatting, but that is normal.
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A student of mine who does extensive rescue work told me that lavender was used to calm tigers. "They become 500 pound kitties rolling around with catnip".
My girl Gizmo loves my lilac perfume. I use a lilac deodorizer (the real essential oil) in the bathroom. apparently it has a calming effects on cats.

I would not put any essential oils directly on the cat. I do not know if vanilla is also prescribed. The Feliway is safe and should help calm the new acquaintances.
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I've used vanilla successfully (and the not real vanilla) on several cat introductions. I put it on the base of the neck and the base of the tail.

It may sound odd, but applying topical flea meds (ie Advantage, Frontline, etc.) works just as well...
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