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My kitten pants!!!! Why?

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Why does my my kitten pant?

He does it after he's played with my other kitten and walks around the house panting sometimes.

LuLu x
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Maia does that to, she gets her self so worked up playing sometimes I have to calm her down, panting with her mouth open. My kitties in the past only did it in hot air conditions, such as traveling, before the AC would kick in.
Have they all had vet checks? You want to make sure it's not a health condition, heart or lung, sinus. Otherwise it's not something to worry about, it's just a way they cool themselves down, take in more oxygen.
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You could phone the vets for advice, but I've noticed Villy panting when she's stressed, on the way to, or back from, or at the vets.
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Many cats pant when stressed out (like travelling or when they are new to the home) Also after some crazy play sessions. If your cat is just panting for no apparent reason then you may be concerned and call the vet.
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Panting after a lot of running around is normal (I asked my vet about it when I noticed Jaffa pant for the first time as a kitten after his first introduction to the cat dancer!), panting without a lot of exertion is not. Cats may also pant if they're hot or stressed. If you're worried give your vet a ring (when you say he walks around the house panting do you mean when he's not running or playing? If so, I'd say that should be checked out by a vet).
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Remy pants when he plays with *da bird* I have to stop because I am afraid he will have a heart attack...or play till he drops *g
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Originally Posted by reddicequeen View Post
Remy pants when he plays with *da bird* I have to stop because I am afraid he will have a heart attack...or play till he drops *g
Does'nt it make you giggle, how excited they get? Maia has a fur ball on a string toy, she goes nuts! I laugh and tell her "Honey you got ta stop! You can't breath!" Then she goes nuts for a bit looking for it and calms down......Love her!
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Zissou pants when we run up the stairs on hot days, or if I play with her for awhile. At my sister's with three long flights of stairs, she panted like a crazy person from all that running!

She was worse when people were smoking inside. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes. Nobody's ever smoking inside around her ever again. She even had a little wheezing... she's going in for her check-up Monday and I'm going to mention it. She's already so much better!

Also, if they're just sticking their tongue out sometimes it's cause they're nauseous. But usually with a closed mouth. Sometimes cats just do that though, but Zissou does it before she pukes and in the car.
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We are going to get the vet to check him out.
He has been for his vet check and he just has something wrong with one of his back legs. Out of place or something but he said it should move into the right place as he grows up.

He does sometimes just walk around the house panting sometimes, even when he hasn't been playing.
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It could be heat related, but it might be cardiomyophithy or something else. Especially if the kitten is doing it after playing all the time. I'd have the vet check your kitten for any heart problems. Also a cat shouldn't be panting when just walking around.

How old is the kitten?
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It just doesn't sound right to me. The kitten may be in pain?

Pixel has in the seven years I've had her, only panted a few times. Usually she does the open mouth breathing thing when she is smelling something particularly wild, or trying to, like trying to catch the smell of a mouse under the stove or something like that. Or when she is really worked up about doing something -- if a cat is outside, etc.

My best guess from what you've told us is he is in pain.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
How old is the kitten?
He's 19 weeks
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Have the vet check for cardiomyophthy. If he's panting when walking its not normal.
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He's had a vet check and she said there is nothing wrong with him. He's lungs other other organ things aren't blocked. It could be just cause he's been playing with my other kitty.

Mad little boy
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Hi I don't know if anyone can still reply to this thread since it is so old, but my kitten is having almost the same problem. Was anything serious wrong with yours?
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HI ..IM from the future as well..mine is panting when she rests Im really worried

but the vet said its normal...sooooo

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Well mine is 16 weeks old tomorrow and he's as healthy as can be. Still pants like crazy. But we also raised him from 1 day old and he has only been around our dog, so that may have something to do with it lol. He thinks he is a dog!!! My vet said not to worry. And from what I've read they can grow out of it. So if that's your kittens only symptom I wouldn't be too concerned. 😊
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