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I sprayed this all over my new cats room today it was recomended by a friend. Has anyone used this? what were ur results? Aparently it calms them down and relaxes them & prevents spraying
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It works wonderfully but I prefer the plug ins, not the spray. Plus ins you just plug in and forget about them for the month, you don't have to worry about them losing their effect until the end of the month. With sprays you have to keep applying them and are left wondering if you sprayed too much or not enough plus it smells wful if you use too much.

But yes they do usually work. Expensive but worth it in most cases.
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I use the feliway plug in with Villy as when I first got her from the shelter she was still quite anxious. She is an anxious cat, but when she was in the shelter she pulled out all the fur inbetween her hind legs through overgrooming. This has all grown back now, but I can tell if she's feeling stressed as she starts licking that area again.
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Ops, forgot to say, the plug ins are expensive from the vets, you might want to find a reliable place online to buy it.
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I bought the Feliway plugin from Drs. Foster and Smith, where they were on sale.
They didn't seem to make any difference to Gizmo. She is a very calm cat.
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Is Feliway safe to use around birds? I am thinking about getting another kitty, but I have 2 parrots and their respiratory systems are very sensitive to sprays or chemicals.
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I would call the company and find out directly from them.
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Thanks! Where do you get this product? I have never seen it.
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I have both the spray and the plug in. I have never used the plug in yet. I bought them when Remy's mom died. He is still showing signs of stress and I am getting him another playmate but he is still at the breeder's growing up.
Remy at a year old started chewing up plastic and cords after mom died. I am hoping his playmate will help him with this . But the Feliway spray works on the cord areas. For some unknown reason he will poop on my area rug in my bathroom I took him to the vet...nothing is wrong with him.
He doesnt really spend alot of time home alone so ...
he needs his running mate.
I bought my feliway products online from petsmart when they were on sale. i think i paid around 22 dollars for the plug in with no shipping because I bought over 50 dollars worth of product.
he does stay away from the cords and speakers but I still have to respray all of them periodically.
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I bought the spray at petco... both the spray and plug in were 30-some dollars - I chose the spray because Oliver's been scratching some certain places and we're down the shore in North Carolina right now and he's with us, so I wanted to be able to spray certain places all over the house.... it's worked great so far! He settled in right away down here and hasn't scratched the places at home like he used to - so I'm a supporter of it!
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