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New kitty with illness or cold???

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Last night I just brought home the most adorable kitten in the world (Well, second to my other cat, of course!)...
It acted "normal" last evening...mellow, but attentive. It was curious and somewhat checked out surroundings. It ate, drank and used the litter box...stools look normal to me...It was super cuddley and purred constantly. A very contented kitty...or so I thought. Now I am worried that he is so mellow because he is not feeling well....

This morning, I heard him "meow" for the first time. When I came out to check on him (just thinking it was a normal "I want to eat or something" meow)....he was "foaming" at the mouth. It was clear like saliva, but it went on for only a few seconds. He sneezed a couple of times and then that was it...back to normal. He walked over and ate his breakfast...purred, etc...

About three hours later, he did it again. Again for only a couple of seconds and then back to normal.

He is SOOO lovable...purrs, loves to be pet, gets up now and then and walks around, uses the litter, etc. But, he does nap a lot, too. I wouldn't have thought anything of that, because cats like to nap, but now that I am worried...How much should a kitten nap? He is approx. 10 weeks old...or so they think (the people we got him from).

It has been several hours and he has not done it again. He hasn't sneezed, coughed or anything. He hasn't been real active...but he is sitting up now, scratching and looking around. He is waiting for my son to feed him as we speak and just rubbed up to his legs..yes, wanting to eat....SO.......Am I worried for no reason? Why would he have foamed twice? Could he have eaten something wrong?

My husband heard him sneeze in the middle of the night a few times.

He has no eye discharge, no nose discharge...everything else seems fine...

Okay, now I am just driving myself crazy...
Thanks for any help!
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Hi Catmommy!
First I want to welcome you to The Cat Site. I can't help you a lot but I can give you some general advice that applies any time you bring a new kitten into your home. You may already know this, but it's always best to keep a new kitten isolated from any other cats you have in your home until the new kitten has been checked out by a vet and declared healthy. Maybe your vet could examine the kitten tomorrow?

There are other people here who are extremely knowledgeable and may be able to give you better advice. Hopefully, you will get other responses soon.

I just wanted to add your new kitten sounds wonderful, and I hope everything is ok. Please let us know what you find out after the kitten has been examined.
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Hi Catmommy-

Your kitty should be seen by a vet. Foaming at the mouth is not normal for a kitten unless the kitten has been given medicine such as a worm pill? There are viruses out there that will cause your kitten to foam at the mouth, I am not saying that is what is wrong with your baby, but it is a possibility. The Calici Virus is one such disease where one of the symptoms is foaming BUT it could just be that the kitten found something laying on your floor and he played with it and it left a bad taste in his mouth causing him to foam up. To be safe, I would call the vet in the morning and make an appointment. It is always a good idea to get the kitty checked out as soon as possible anyway. Good luck........
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The the first one who replied...thanks for the reminder...I should've known better...and now I remember the importance of quarantine AFTER I already exposed the new kitty to my beloved "Taz" of 8 years.
So, I am seriously crossing my fingers.

To the second reply...thanks for the info. I had not heard of this virus. It may be a possibility. And here I feel so dumb, because the kitty did so well later in the day that I decided to watch him through the night. Smooth move (NOT!) because several hours later, he meowed again and then it looked as though he would drool "bubbles" again, but this time hardly anything came out. He seems like he is getting lethargic...not normal tired now. I am watching him for dehydration and am definitely going to take him in tomorrow am. If I didn't live so far out of town, I know I wouldn't have second guessed myself and would have taken him in earlier even if I thought he was doing well. Ugh! I could kick myself. I just LOVE this little guy, but I do have a habit of overreacting with my pets and I am sure my husband thought that this is what I was doing. He felt it was just a cold...but now he agrees that the kitten is just TOO mellow.

Any other info from anyone is appreciated and I will be back on after the vet appt. to let others know about whatever is going on in case it comes up with their kitties.

Thanks again!
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