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Cat sneezing... a little worried.

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I posted this in the health forum but so far no answer.

My kitten Sushi is been sneezing lately, it sounds more like a squirter toy. There is no runny nose or eyes. Should I be worried. She goes back to the vet for her second distemper shot and rabies at the end of the month. She still actting like a normal kitten, nothing out orginary.

Or might she have an allergie to something in my house causing her to sneeze?
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if there is no discharge from the nose or eyes i wouldnt worry,my 5 week old kits have been sneezing since birth,its just there sensitive little noses adjusting to dust,fur ect.
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Thanks it just worries because she sounds like one of those toys that squirters, kinda makes me think of a mouse sneezing, or the toys dogs play with that have noise makers in them.

Great I got a cat that has senstive nose like me. LOL!! I guy owners do get pets that kinda represent themselves.
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It could be an upper respiratory infection...if so, they're nothing to mess around with and can easily turn into pnemonia. Also- she doesn't have to have symptoms of a runny nose or watery eyes for it to be something serious like a URI. I would suggest taking little sushi to the vet for a check up.The most common treatment for a URI is a round of Clavamox (it is pretty inexpensive- it's similar to ammoxicilian, and clears up infections fairly quickly...the most common dose is .5 ml two times a day)....consult your vet just to make sure it isn't an infection...it could also just be allergies or something of that nature. And it could just be a kitty sneeze At her age her nose should be adjusted to sensitivities that commonly aggervate very young kittens- so that shouldn't be the issue....out of curiosity, what type of kitty litter do you use? Is it very dusty? If so, she could be allergic to the dust from it. Your best bet is to have the vet check her out and rule out the possibility of a URI. That way you can ease your mind a bit I'm sending you and sushi lots of feel better vibes!
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